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Thank You Ms. Sue

Several came out July 31 to pay their respects and say goodbye to “The Mother of the Grill” Glenda “Sue” Waits.

The sanctuary of the Millington First Baptist Church was her spiritual earthly home for many years. And after her passing July 27 it would become the place family and friends gather for her Homegoing Service.

It had been two years since the last time the Waits family gathered to pay tribute to the family patriarch Rex. Ms. Sue’s beloved high school sweetheart and husband of 52 years passed away leaving behind a wonderful legacy.

Ms. Sue was the woman right beside Mr. Rex that whole time building that reputation of strong family, school involvement, love of community, fellowship meals and so much more.

The Waits raised a family that has benefited the city in many ways. I was introduced to the family through Ms. Sue’s grandchildren like Ben, Alan and Hunter. Through their athletic ventures in wrestling, baseball and especially football, I’ve shared life-building conversations, laughs, tears and blessed moments with Terry, Jeff, Bailey and Tess.

Her children reflect her love of Christ. Brother Ray Newcomb documented Ms. Sue’s relationship with the Lord during the service.

With her Bible in hand, he read the few scriptures she had marked in her worn copy of The Word. Ms. Sue’s Bible reflected her. She appeared to me as a quiet and dignified woman.

But when she spoke, her words touch your soul and stuck with you. Mr. Rex was outgoing and his laugh could be heard from one end of Millington Football Stadium to the other.

The whole time Ms. Sue was right by his side making sure things ran smooth and the food was of high quality. If Mr. Rex was the face of the fellowship tailgate gatherings, Ms. Sue was the backbone.

Her sons worked he grills to perfections. And the rest of the family and friends made sure the sides were ideal for whatever meat came off the grill. And dessert had to be nearby to make the meal complete.

And it was the signature Coca Cola Brownies that gave me a chance to finally meet the beautiful, humble Ms. Sue. Those brownies were almost as sweet as her. After one bite, I knew in my heart the lady who created these brownies had to have a spirit touched by a higher power.

The Waits family knows food brings people closer together and even to God. And their talents were managed by Ms. Sue. So her legacy will continue for years to come through her children, grandchildren, siblings and friends.

The last time I saw Ms. Sue was at a Millington Wrestling meet. She made sure she spoke to me before she left. After our hug, she thanked me for doing my job and keeping her family in my thoughts.

I thanked her for raising such a wonderful family and loving this community to share so much with Millington. With a smile, she turned to Terry and said, ‘Take care of him. Always take care of him.’

Terry promised his Mom they will take care of me. With those words I know Ms. Sue will always be with me. She left orders to a team of wonderful, loving people. And I’m sure Ms. Sue will be overseeing to make sure her family will continue to be a backbone for all of Millington.

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