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MFD Receives New Crash Truck

[/media-credit] Shift A poses with the new crash truck.

Millington Fire Department Station 3 on the campus of the Millington Regional Jetport resembled a classroom last Tuesday.

The 12 MFD Shift A members were taking notes as Assistant Chief Danny Turpin reviews the ins and outs of the new E-1 Titan 3000 crash truck. The latest piece of technology in the MFD arsenal carries 3,000 gallons of water, 4,000 pounds of foam and 500 pounds of halon.

These facts and how to operate the new crash truck were part of the lesson plans Aug. 7. Once the MFD firefighters are qualified, the crash truck will be ready for operation to strictly fight air crash fires and aircraft emergencies.

“When they get through with this class and the test is administered to them, they will be qualified for this piece of equipment,” Turpin said. “Safety is always first and foremost for us. We want to make sure they’re familiar and comfortable, that they know how to operate the vehicle and know its limitations.

“That’s what all the training is for,” he added. “In an emergency, you don’t want to be guessing. These guys need to get out there and know what they need to do quickly.”

Millington Airport Authority Executive Director Rodney Hendrix said the reason for the additional truck on the Airport grounds is to meet the qualifications of its contract with FedEx.

“FedEx had purchased a new truck and had put this on its surplus list,” Hendrix noted. “We were able to directly acquire the truck directly from FedEx. We had it completely checked and all the equipment is working. It’s like a new truck and we’re glad to have it.”

The FedEx contract has the Millington Airport as an option if the Memphis Airport is not available to land large aircrafts.

“As they get larger airplanes, the FFA requires more fire equipment at our airport,” Hendrix said. “The FFA refers to it as indexes. It starts at Index A. This one meets Index E, allowing the Airport to meet that. Index E requires that we have capacity of 6,000 pounds of water. So we have that capability and it allows us to serve their largest planes.”

Hendrix said he is glad to have the new truck to meet the requirements and one of the best group of personnel to operate it.

“I’ve been here a little over 2 years now,” he said. “I’m very well pleased with the training and knowledge these firefighters have. They have a first-class hot fire training facility here in Millington. It’s used by other fire departments.

“I’ve seen the testing given to them and they handle that well,” Hendrix concluded. “The FFA inspects us on a regular basis. They check all the training records and response of the firefighters. They have been very pleased as well. I think it’s a very outstanding firefighting organization.”



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