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Millington Elementary on Lockdown

[/media-credit] MES parents ask the Millington Police Officers questions about the time their children would be released from the lockdown outside of the North 82 Gym.

One thing was certain for Millington Elementary School parents Friday afternoon, they couldn’t pick up their children from the 6445 William Osteen Drive location.

Parents were informed by phone that the school was on lock down because of a Shelby County Sheriff’s Department manhunt.

“I was told a guy had shot and killed his dad on Armour Road,” MES parent Shaconna Scott said. “And that the school was on lockdown. This was like before 2 o’clock. I got up and went by the school. Nobody was there but police and the helicopter.

“I drove around and they wouldn’t let me in,” the mother of a MES third grader continued. “I left out and picked up my other girls from the bus stop because I was freaked out. Then I went back about 2:30 because my daughter is a car rider. Then the police told me I could not go and that they weren’t going to let the kids out. So I called the  school and they said they’re on lock down and they don’t know when they’re going to let them out.”

The manhunt wasn’t for a man who shot his father. The Sheriff’s Department was  on the hunt for a robbery suspect. Daniel Johnson, 24, was arrested at about 7:30 p.m. after the MES students were evacuated to NSA Mid-South Navy Base North 82 Gym. No children were harmed in the incident.

“The crossing guard told me to meet here (North 82 Gym,” Scott said. “I came here and sat here for a while. Then they said go meet them by the fire department (old Millington East). Only for them to say, ‘Go back over there to the gymnasium by the Police Department. I get here and talk to the police officer.”

Several MES parents drove to the old Millington East Elementary location to be told to gather at the North 82 Gym location to wait to pick up their children. It was early into the evening when parents were able to pick up their children. No children were harmed in the incident.

While the parents waited, the scene around the North 82 Gym was parents pacing, questions to the Millington Police Officers on the scene and friends comforting one another. Scott had her friend and neighbor Shaveeka Hurd nearby trying to inform others via cell phone about what was going on.

“I’m upset, nervous,” Scott said during her wait. “I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t know if my child is OK. And I’m concern. I live right over here by Mapco in one of the houses. I really don’t even want to go home.

“Even once I get my baby, I want to know can I even go home,” she added. “Will it be safe? They need to catch him. He’s been on the run since this morning.”

Deputies captured Johnson a few hours after Scott made that comment. Deputies searched for Johnson in a brush area near the school most of the day.

He was wanted in connection with an early morning armed robbery at a house on Armour Road, about two and half miles away from the school. As of Friday night, Johnson had not been charged.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Chip Washington said Johnson is a suspect in at least two other recent Millington robberies, including the theft of two weapons from the Castle Creek Recreation Center.

Authorities are still seeking another suspect in the robberies. An investigation is ongoing, Washington said.










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