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MCHS 30+ Club

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Current members of the MCHS 30 ACT club.

A common saying is that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

Medical experts say eating a healthy meal early in the morning helps growth, gives energy and brain function.

On Aug. 28 the Millington Central High School administration opened the doors of the new cafeteria to some of their students who have excelled with their minds for a celebration breakfast.

The most important meal was catered by the MCHS Cafeteria staff to honor the current students who have scored a 30 in at least one portion of the ACT Test.

“We have 15 members currently in our 30-Plus Club,” MCHS Career Counselor Constance Certion noted. “ A lot of our members graduated. Last year we were close to 40.”

The 15 students were treated to a meal featuring juices, Danishes, bacon, sausage, eggs and more. Certion said the meal is just one of the perks of being in the MCHS 30-Plus Club.

Certion said other meals are planned for the future with a lunch in January and dinner in April with the parents receiving an invitation.

At the breakfast, the current members were given a 30-Plus Club card for free admission to one football and basketball game and one fine arts program. Those students will also receiving a free parking pass.

Certion said by that time there will be more members in the 30-Plus Club. The 15 current members are on display in the lobby of MCHS with color photos under the banner 30-Plus Club.

“It’s so great for the students because they work so hard,” Certion said. “They take it so seriously. They just have this determination to get the score to get into the Club.

“They start out seeing it their freshman year, ‘I want my face on that wall,’” she added. “To achieve that is really huge for them and for us. We just want to celebrate that with them.”

The days to celebrate the academic elite of MCHS is also rewarding to the ones guiding those students.

“The faculty and administration here at Millington, we get it,” Certion said. “We get that you have to celebrate these victories and accomplishments that they have. That’s what keeps them encouraged and motivated to keep trying harder.

“You don’t always get rewarded when you do something great,” she concluded. “We want to let them know how much we appreciate them. We want to do it in a way that is very visible so that other students can be motivated to do the same thing.”

The current members of the Millington Central High School 30-Plus Club are Ana Barrera, Brandon Carmichael, Brandy Carmichael, Breanna Copeland, Ruben Guevara, Alexis Myrick, Tabitha Perry, Tony Reeder Jr., Jamie Neville, Lesly Riles,

Anderson Spearman, Demetrius Talley, Sidney Tucker, Darian Vogt, and Darrell Warberg.



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