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What’s on your plate?

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Elio and Angie greet customers and display the plates that will be used in their upcoming promotion at Another Plate located on Navy Road.

For the past couple years Elio and Angie Aguila have become a part of the fabric of Millington.

In recent weeks the couple’s presence has been felt more with Elio participating in Leadership Millington and the opening of Another Plate? located at 6353 Navy Road.

Now the Agulias are using their Italian restarant and catering service as a vehicle to give back to the city they love.

“This is something we can do for local business,” Elio said. “I’m about Millington.”

On Oct. 1, Another Plate? started Decorate A Plate in display on the walls. Through the Millington Area Chamber of Commerce and word-of-mouth, businesses, churches, schools and civic organizations have already signed up.

“They can decorate anyway they want,” Elio noted. “The only stipulation, it has to be 12 inches round. They can put what they do, their logo. We want to promote their local businesses every month.”

Some of the notables preparing to participate are Belleuve Baptist, Millington First Baptist, E.A. Harrold, Millington Elementary, Patriot Bank, First Citizens Bank, Playhouse 51 and Top Brass.

“The last Saturday of the month, whoever is dining with us, when we present the check there will be a little card,” Aguila said. “Then they can vote for their favorite plate. Once we get who’s the winner, we’ll take that plate and place it at the front entrance in a display case, with a their business cards, whatever promotional things they might be having up. We’ll promote their business for an entire month.”

Another Plate will conduct the contest each month to showcase another business. The first winner will be on display Nov. 1.

Another Plate opened last month on Navy Road near Millington Elementary School.

On any given day residents like Alderman Jimmy Pike, the Chamber Teri Flannagan or mayoral candidates Terry Jones and Ken Uselton can be spotted grabbing lunch or dinner off the menu featuring the creations of Elio and his staff. The internationally trained chef cooks meals ranging from Italian to French. The Another Plate? menu also has burgers and catfish for a Southern treat.

Elio said while customers partake in a meal, he wants them to be surrounded by what makes Millington unique. With colorful plates surronding the dining area, patrons will have a reminder to support local businesses.

“It broke my heart when I saw Banky’s go out of business,” he concluded. “That gave me the idea. We were just going to put plates up, but I thought how neat would it be to showcase our local businesses through our restaurant.”

Another Plate? is opened from 11 am. To 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information on the promotion and the restaurant, call 873-1632.


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