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MCHS invites parents out for Nov. 7

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

MCHS Counselor Kandice Shorter works on details for the upcoming Parent’s Night to be held on Nov. 7 at the school.

Some parents might not be aware of the changes for Tennessee high school students that started in the fall of 2009.

To bring the Volunteer State up to the national standards, the Tennessee Department of Education implemented the Tennessee Diploma Project. TDP has made the graduation requirments more rigorous.

Millington Central High School guidance counselor Kandice Shorter wants to help get the word out about the changes and inform students and parents so their won’t be issues come senior year.

Shorter and MCHS will host Parents Night Nov. 7 at 6 p.m. in the school’s Multi-Purpose Room. The event will educate parents on TDP, student classification, graduating with honors, cosmetology program and important testing dates.

“We’re going to try to give the parents information with anything regarding academics,” Shorter said. “Because we’re under the Tennessee Diploma Project, we have different requirements. With those different requirements we want to keep those parents informed.

“The juniors and seniors, their parents might be very well aware,” she added. “ And we’re going to have separate Parent Nights for them. This one is primarily for sophomores. But since we’re all under TDP, any parent could attend. I can let them know, ‘If your child started in 2009, anyone after your child is a part of Tennessee Diploma Project.”

Under the old plan students could choose the University or Technical paths. They needed 21 credits to graduate with only three years of math and one wellness credit.

Now the TDP outlines one path for all students. Now students need an addition credit to graduate. The electives have been outlined in detail

Students who entered high school in 2009 now need four years of math, and one and half physical education and wellness credits.

Shorter said there is no longer a technical path and the only other diploma path is for special needs students. With the changes still fresh, Shorter said all the counselors at MCHS are staying on top of it with seminars and programs like Parent’s Night.

“Because they’re 10th graders they don’t realize it,” she said. “ Yes you’ve been here for a year and have three years left. But if you don’t meet the class requirements, you won’t graduate. They’re under the impression they just need three years of math. No, you need four.

“They’re under the impress, ‘Well I can just move up and graduate early,’” Shorter continued. “Well you can’t really do that unless you have all the requirements in order to graduate. You now need 22 credits to graduate”

Shorter said all the information students and parents need will be on hand Nov. 7. She hopes there will be a good attendance to keep the MCHS Class of 2015 on the right path.

“They need to be aware of the requirements and make sure their students are enrolled in the right classes,” she concluded, “receiving the credits and that their child is telling them something different and they’re being mislead. Come get the information from the source so you can be aware.”

For more information on Parent’s Night call 873-8100 ext. 232.


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