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MASH’s Big Bash

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

FiFi was one of the special guest at MASH’s birthday party last month.

FiFi was one of the special guest on hand the morning of Oct. 27 during the Millington Animal Safe Haven’s one-year anniversary celebration outside of the OpenMarketplace and Tractor Supply Co.

The 18-month-old Schmazer joined other dogs up for adoption for the party thrown for MASH and it’s mission of saving dogs and providing them a safe home. In one year of operation MASH has adopted 110 dogs to homes all over the Mid-South.

MASH Board of Directors Norene Logan, Katie Romans and Sheir and Brett Morgan were on hand among the festivities telling visitors about the success of MASH. The brochure handed out Saturday outlines MASH’s purpose of saving one dog makes a diffrence.

Every dog adopted out by MASH has medical records and is either spayed or neutered. Representatives of the Mid-South Spay and Neuter Services were in atttendance educating patrons on the benefits of the procedures and afforable was to get the surgery done.

On the organization’s booth set up outside was the banner reading for more information. Several of the OpenMarketplace traditional vendors donated $30 to set up outside and be a part of the event. Half of the proceeds raised went to MASH. The other 50 percent to went to a lucky visitor in the raffle.

That was just a part of the celebration with a bounce area for the children, grooming tips station and grill with treats for the humans. The Millington Fire Department was on hand with a demontration. And the Millington Police Department brough the K-9 Unit for a few exercises to entertain the public and educate on the service dogs provide law enforcement.

Sheri and MASH brought six of their 10 dogs ready for adoption to the celebration She explained there is a $125 fee and potential adopters will go through an application process.

For more information on MASH, contact 317-9502 or visit

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