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Southern Raisin Cut Back to Help

By Otis Griffin

Our great country is having a little unsettling and unrest at this time.  Our speedy Congress who would make a snapping pond turtle look like a burning jet consists of two parties and yes they do party when they orta’ be working.   The Democratic Party has been accused of being a party of no ideas and the Republicans a party of taking no or bad ideas and making them more terrible.

No one trusts one ’nother or wants to work together.  The FBI is checking on the CIA who in turn is checking on the IRS who is checking on the common folks.  The hard working common folks are checking on the guv’mint who is supposed to be Congress.  The guv’mint could destroy an anvil with a rubber hammer.  Like a dog chasing his tail, then he gets tired and just quits……..

But wait!  At one juncture in our brilliant senior citizen’s lifetime our great country banded together and jumped on board to salvage our country.  The entire citizenry united to preserve our freedom during the critical World War II.    When is the last time anyone heard the word?  RATION.  Definitely not this generation as they wouldn’t comprehend or acknowledge the connotation, ’cept maybe gimme’ ’nuther rationing of fries.

Friends, there ain’t no shortage of computers, cell phones , ipods (whatever that is), no shortage of vehicles, clothes, gas, ear rings or tattoos.  There definitely ain’t no shortage of food as all you got to do is look around.

For those that have been under a root cellar the last half century or so, rationing was a way of life.  Ask yo’ grandma about hose stockings and bobby pins.  Rationing referred to a short, limited or just can’t plain get supply.  Granddaddy can tell you if you didn’t have a coupon, no way you could get any reg’lar or high test petro.

Esso pumps, blue (reg’lar) and red (ethyl)  high test, could possibly set idly by as no one had a document required paper which allowed you to twirl the handle, rewind the amount previously purchased and squeeze the handle for a meager four gallons a week.  The “A” stamp was personal usage and most of the fueling was provided by ladies as the men were gone, fighting overseas.

What we know as carpooling to save space on the roadways was initiated back ’en to save                                                                                                                       a little gas.  The terminology used was, “to catch a ride to work”, and each transporter would swap out rides with neighbors and friends.  See how smart the Rednecks were many years ago?

Neighbor, we had no idea the Japanese had confiscated the West Indies where our beloved country obtained ninety per-cent of our natural rubber.  Emerson reminded us of the importance of red rubber.  Why?  Well Paul, Lynn, Don, Rabbit and I wanted red for our all important personal slingshots. Forked or single shot as they shot truer and stretched further!  Very important at least to young tree swingers)

This moment in history only proves that sometimes doing without makes you do better in the future and appreciate the one thing we take for granted .  Our Freedom!  But freedom is not and never will be free.

The Good Book Says To Give And Ye Shall Receive…GLORY!

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