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Returning home — A Mother’s Perspective

By Susan Itterly

Susan greets her son Kevin on his return home in North Carolina.

USMC CPL Kevin Itterly graduated from Millington Central High School as part of the Class of 2008.

He returned home safety from Afghanistan on Aug. 21 after beign deployed for seven months.

Itterly works in Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 366 out of Cherry Point, N.C. While on the base he was at in Afghanistan he was pretty safe. About 24 days after his unit left, 15 insurgents attacked the base.

Reports came down that 14 were killed and one is in prison. The insurgents killed three Marines.

As a parent hearing that news and knowing my child was close to being there, I’m thankful to God and all the prayers from family, friends and church that he was spared.

I hope that everyone will continue to pray for them everyday. I will not forget those who have served and lost their life in any war. And I hope you won’t either. Remember why they are there to serve and protect.

I know there are lots of parents and spouses that hate to watch their child or love one get on that plane to uncertainty. They pray and worry everyday that they will return safely home.

As for my husband Tom and I, it’s hard to see them leave. You always have in the back of your minds will he return. Seeing them come through those hanger doors brings tears of joy.

I want to also thank the men and women who greet our troops when they set foot on United States soil. Many of them are veterans. They greeted them with smiles and showered them with gifts like they were their own son, daughter, husband or wife coming home.

They also send their family’s video of each one, so you can experience what it was like when they got off the plane for a rest afer a long journey. I know this means a lot to the returning troops. My husband also served as a U.S. Marine from 1971-75. Thank you Millington from a proud USMC wife and mom.

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