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JD’s Wings 2 Go opens to solid reviews

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

JD’s Wings 2 Go co-owner Diana Gilreath checks out a customer at the newest wing stop in Millington.

JD’s chef Brandon Brown displays a couple of the Honey Love wings.

A food niche was going unfulfilled for several weeks in Millington.

And one day while Jessie Jones and Diana Gilreath were riding in Flag City, they had a taste for wings. That’s when they realized Millington was lacking that type of resturant.

“One night we were just out and we actually had a taste for some wings,” Gilreath recalled. “So we just started driving around and realized there’s no wing place. Didn’t think much of it.

“Then maybe a month or so after that, it was one Sunday evening,” she continued. “Jessie owns a Harley, so we were on the bike. We passed a couple of vacant buildings. We stopped over across the street and we both came up with the idea at the same time, ‘This is a great spot to open up a wing place.’”

As the couple shared its epiphany, a man walked up toward them and pointed across the Navy Road to the building located at 5066. The former home to Talk of the Town, Gilreath and Jones found the perfect place to open JD’s Wings 2 Go.

On Nov. 6 the eatery named by the initials of the owners Jessie and Diana opened to the public. Gilreath said in the first three weeks of business patrons have been showering JD’s with love.

“They have been so positive,” she said. “They’ve said they’ve been waiting on a wing place here for three years. They’re so happy that we’re here. Just a lot of great, great positive energy since we’ve opened.”

Gilreath said she hopes JD’s give back that positive energy to customers. From the name to the logo, the newest resturant in town reflects the personality of its owners.

“We decided when we were going to open up a wing shop, we were going to be different,” she said. “Jessie bought a 1975 Cadallic. He said, ‘When we open, that’s definitely going to be our logo.’ But how the JD came about, we were wondering what are we going to name it. He said, ‘Let’s name it DJ’s.’ I’m old school. I said, ‘Let’s do JD’s.’ I felt the man should go first. And I like the JD.”

The logo features a hip chicken driving the Caddy. On some days the 1975 classic can be found outside of the restaurant.

Inside JD’s red painted walls covered in customer signatures surround checkered tables. With soul music from the Motown era to today’s R&B might be playing throughout the resturant.

Patrons from nearby Boatwright’s and the Navy Base have been seen coming through the doors of JD’s in less than a month.

Gilreath said the wings have something to do with that as well. Chef Brandon Brown brings to life the couple’s wing creations like Honey Love, Who Dat Cajun, Memphis Style Barbecue and Orange Suprise.

“Jessie and I did the sauces,” she noted. “Jessie is a great cook. When he cooks, he puts a lot of love in it. He loves seeing people smile and happy. That’s how he got me.

“That’s our speciality, wings,” Gilreath continued. “But we decided to have a little something on the side. That’s how we came up with the JD’s Big Burger, the fresh fries and other sides.”

Now with a wing spot in Millington, Gilreath said residents of Flag City won’t have to travel up or down Highway 51 no longer looking for a good wing and friendly atmosphere.

“When you come to JD’s they are getting fresh food, made to order,” she concluded. “As they’re waiting on their food, they get to relax a little bit. It may be one of those day like ‘Oh, who.’ Come into JD’s and listen to the music, enjoy the colors. It’s relaxing. It’s warm. You’ll feel like you’re at home.”

For more information on hours and the menu, call 872-3664.

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