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Trojan shooting guard explains trademark form and gives expectations for 2012-13 season

Star Staff Reports

Browning goosenecking while chatting with a former teacher.

Browning even goosenecking during a meal at the Millington Taco Bell.

For the past two basketball seasons The Millington Star has featured players like El Paso Johnson, Tevin Oliver, Kendrick Carter, Javon “Bobo” Ballard, Kelby Hollowell and Jerick Newsome to just name a few.

Their photos have graced The Star pages showing the progress the program has made under Head Coach Rob Sabau. Another face in the middle of that production has been junior Jordan Browning.

But it seemed when Browning’s picture made it into the paper he was always doing a gooseneck pose. With that occuring so often, the staff at The Millington Star wondered if Browning goosenecks everywhere he goes throughout the course of a day.

Does he do it during class, shopping or even dinner?

Between the shooting guard working on his gooseneck and other phases of the game, The Star sat down with Browning to talk about his trademark pose and the young season.


The Millington Star: What is a gooseneck?

Jordan Browning: A gooseneck in my terms will be the form that you’re supposed to use when you’re shooting a basketball. It would be better if we had a video to show you. The proper technique is to use your left hand as a guide. You’re not supposed to move it. It’s on the side of the basketball. You’re right hand, or shooting hand, some people line it up with the laces. With me, it really doesn’t matter. If I catch it in rhythm I just let it go. You flick your wrist. In the pictures that we took, it looks like a goose’s neck from the release down the arm.


TMS: When did gooseneck take birth?

JB: I started playing competitively since about the sixth grade. Basketball in general, my dad probably put the ball in my hand about the age of 4. We’ve been working on fundamentals ever since that young age. Now it shows with the gooseneck technique and just being smart on the court. Eventually over time as I started playing competitively, I started adding different skills. But the fundamentals have always been there and now embedded in my head.


TMS: This is sort of a senior year for you playing with a large group of 12th graders…

JB: The whole team, we’ve been together since the sixth grade. Kelby, Tevin, Bobo, Antonio and I have been together since second and third grade. Playing as a team competivitely, we’ve been a team since the sixth grade. That shows the chemistry we have on the basketball court. Just over time, we’ve established different roles. My role with the gooseneck is to be a shooter and a scorer. And Jerick being our point guard, he knows me, Willie and Kelby are spot up shooters. We gooseneck.


TMS: How have you improved your game to help the seniors have a special season?

JB: I’ve just been trying to do what I’ve been doing the last couple of years. My freshman year I averaged 4 points. Sophomore I averaged like 10. This year I expect it to go up a little more. And do my role as a scorer and a shooter. In order to do that I have to put the ball in the hole. That’s what I’m going to do to help my team. And pick up my defense. That’s what I’ve been working on mainly over the summer, my quickness and lateral quickness. That’s what I’ve been lacking on the defensive end.


TMS: Can the Trojans win District 14-3A this year and reach Sub-State?

JB: We have the potential to win our district. And then Region, in my mind we have the potential to win it. We could be playing Sub-State Monday night. Sub-State would be out of this world for Millington Basketball. I don’t think we have ever been that far. Realisticly, I see us getting that far. Everybody has a dream. We dream State all the way.


TMS: What has to go right for you guys to reach that dream?

JB: For it to go right and it really to work togother, everybody has to come together as a team. It’s our roles. Like JP, he added so much to us as for rebounding and on the defensive end. Him adding scoring to his game this year, that’s what we need him to do. For me, it’s score and shoot. If everybody plays their role and we have to play together as a team.

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