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Woodstock’s Grace Goes Across the World

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

The girls of G.L.O.W. recently packed 10 boxes on the Woodstock Middle School campus to send to troops overseas.

The American Red Cross has been conducting “Holiday Mail for Heroes” for six years serving troops across the world.

Closer to home Woodstock Middle School faculty Melba Tross and Carol Pugh have been running Gracious Ladies of Woodstock. G.L.O.W. entered its seventh year looking for more ways to have an impact on the North Shelby County communities and branch out even farther.

The members of G.L.O.W. decided the best way to reach out to the world is giving back to the military with the “Holiday Mail for Heroes.” Throughout October and November girls of G.L.O.W. collected items to place in large boxes to send to troops.

“It gives you a happy feeling inside, like a warm fuzzy feeling,” G.L.O.W. member and sixth grader Kylie Stewart said.

The program gives children and classes the opportunity to send holiday greetings to men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces. G.L.O.W.’s service project involved most of the girls and some help from their parents.

Eighth grader Cassy Jones’ parents Kim and Chris used extreme couponing to obtain several items needed to be shipped in the boxes. The girls collected soap, blankets, socks, new underwear, games, playing cards and more.

“It’s to make them feel at home,” G.L.O.W. member and eighth grader Jessica Trice said. “They don’t have the things we have here. People over there don’t have all of what we have.”

Taking advantage of the chance to give back, the G.L.O.W. members said they also enjoyed spending time together working on the project.

“It’s fun to do and it builds community spirit while helping people,” Stewart said.

Woodstock seventh grader Sedebra Watson said she joined G.L.O.W. last year to help those in need and meet new friends.

“You can experience what everybody else is experiencing too,” she said. “I joined when I was in the sixth grade. They said you could help out your community and it teaches you how to be a gracious lady.

It’s fun because you get to meet new people. And you can experience what everybody else is experiencing too.

G.L.O.W. member Alexis Kelley is in her first year. The sixth grader said projects around the school and “Holiday Mail for Heroes” is something she wants to be a part of for years to come.

“I joined G.L.O.W. to help the community,” she said.  I heard about it through school. I plan to be in it all three years.

G.L.O.W. member Meagan Holguin will only have one chance to participate in “Holiday Mail for Heroes.” But the eighth grader said she hopes it becomes another G.L.O.W. tradition.

“It makes me feel really good because I know I’m meeting new people and I’m helping people I don’t even know,” she concluded, “because they’re across the ocean figthing for our freedom. This is a small contribution we can do for them.”

The 2012-13 members of G.L.O.W. are Magan Lippin, Kylie Stewart, Kemesha Coleman, Angel Wakefield, Asia Sparkman, Tamia Bluford, Sedebra Watson, Jada Martin, Amber Atkins, Charlisa Hudson, Kaliyah Boltie, Bianca Turner, Tonya McCarde, Jiah Jackson, Navtica Dunn, Cassy Jones, Kiara Bankhead, Meagan Holguin, Tyler Morris, Poise Thompson, Annamarie Keller and Alexis Kelley.

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