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The Holiday Blues

By Tammy Nabors

Tammy Nabors

With Christmas Day around the corner and Thanksgiving just passing, the New Year usually brings about new goals, big plans and unreachable resolutions. During the holiday season some people become depressed, moody and even suicidal.

Missing loves that have passed away, lost relationships and financial woes have been known to leave people with feelings of loneliness and disappointments.

According to the Mayo Clinic (Mayo Clinic, 2011) there are a few tips to help you cope with the holiday blues. The first tip is to acknowledge your feelings (realize that it is normal to have feelings of sadness).

Second, reach out (seek out community, religious or social events). And third, stick to your budget (before you go gift and food shopping, make a budget and only spend what you can afford). Last, seek professional help if needed (talk to a minster, a life couch or a doctor).

The holidays have always been hard for me. Over the past two years I have suffered quit a few losses. In 2011, I lost my niece and two great nieces to a house fire. In that same year I lost my grandson due to a brain injury from a car wreck. This year I have lost an uncle and two aunts within a month a part from cancer. Just last week I had to bury my first cousin who suffered from diabetes.  Most people wouldn’t be able to cope with such losses, but I have a saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you strong.”

Praying is what gets me through and the love of family and friends.  Bury your holiday blues with the thoughts of positive cheer. Whatever you decide to do during the holiday season, always remember the greatest gift of all is love.

  • RJ Daddy

    That’s my Friend!!! Great article Tammy!

  • Dee and Ashton

    Tammy I’m so proud of you!! Shine like the STAR you are!!!

  • Uretha Smith

    Great Work. Love You!!!

  • Oberia

    Tammy, great article!!

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