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Drummonds youth helps save mother’s life

By Thomas Sellers Jr.Faithlyn hero 2

On July 27, 2006 Drummonds couple Angel and Wayne Criswell were blessed with their miracle baby Faithlyn.

After trying to conceive a baby for 10 years, the Criswells had to incorporate the Faith in the name. And it was faith and Faithlyn who saved Angel’s life Dec. 7.

With her blood pressure dropping rapidly and vomiting all over her bathroom floor, it was Faithlyn who sprung into action keeping her mother from going into shock. And in the span of 20 minutes, Faithlyn kept the scene in control helping to inform emergency units on the way over the phone.

“She saved my life,” Angel said. “She set there and fanned me with a magazine. She kept me alert by talking to me. I stayed alert and awake focusing on her.”

Paramedics said with Faithlyn serving as a focal point, assisting her mother with a wet rag and unlocking the door for emergency workers, Angel is alive today.

With the 6-year-old showing such poise under chaos, The Millington Star presented Faithlyn last Friday with “Mother’s Hero Award.” Millington Star’s Felicia Watkins had the honors of placing the medal around the neck of Faithlyn just a week after the incident.

The youngest Criswell remembers the details of her mother fighting for her life vividly.

“She scared me when you couldn’t make it to the garbage Mommie,” she said. “That’s when I screamed. That was the only time I screamed.”

The 6-year-old collected her thoughts and stayed calm as her mother lie in pools of her own vomit and other bodily fluids.

Angel gave her daughter the hand signal of phone. Faithlyn grabbed the phone and her mother barely dialed 911. With the little voice she had left, she said, “I’m here with my 6 year old. I have no control over anything.”

The 911 operator gave Faithlyn some instructions to unlock the door for paramedics. The whole time Wayne was on his way home.

The paramedics arrived and found Angel laying on the bathroom floor covered in vomit with her daughter by her side. Wayne arrived to find his wife with seizure-like movements on the floor.

Angel’s blood pressure read 90 over 35 and 90 over 40. She was dehydrated and barely conscience.

Once paramedics could finally find a vein to place an I.V. on the way to the hospital, Angel started to remember some of the details leading up to her sudden illness.

With thoughts of food poisoning or a sudden virus, medical staff were puzzled. After an ultrasound, doctors determined a gallstone was stuck in her bile duct. Angel had her gallbladder removed a year ago and the stone was left behind.

Angel was scheduled for an out-patient surgery this past Tuesday to remove the stone.  Angel said her miracle baby is now her hero.

“I asked God, ‘Please don’t have anything happen to me in front of my daughter,’” she said. “She’s my hero. Everything she did that night is the reason I’m here today.”

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