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Some New Year Needs To….

By Otis Griffin

We need some political changes to help everyone in our United States of Our America.

Not just a select few.  Quit sending money to foreign soil for public relations and take care of our own folks.  Need for the Department of Agriculture to pay top dollar and buy my farmer’s crops and send the commodities overseas.

That would eliminate taking our money, buying bubble gum and angel food cake from North Korea.

The Guv’mint, which is supposed to be me and you, needs to send cotton, corn, beans and ’taters so my hard working farmers can purchase a new mule, milk cow and the lady get an updated Maytag wringer washing machine and hopefully replace the leaky icebox on the back porch.  The farmers come foremost and first.

Need to empty the hospitals which are overflowing like a tilted rain barrel and fill up the church pews ’til they overflow.  Need to take those law breaking convicts out of the warm, soft feathery beds and stick out there cleaning ditches, and building roads instead of watching television, resting and laying around dreaming up some more crimes.  Need to save the hard working taxpayers more money.  Need to give the same sentence to an advertising lawyer that defends criminals.  That would cut down on some television time.

Friends, we need to hold politicians accountable when they promise all those lies trying to get in office.

If they don’t deliver what they told us, just throw ’em under a loaded down cotton wagon.  But POLITICS is just like wood ticks, seed ticks and dog ticks.  Yep!  Just plain ole parasites!   .

Need to make sure the law maker that makes the laws about how to rule a school system had to raise some chandelier swingers to get some experience before they enacted the laws.  First hand knowledge.  After a little class room instruction I’ll bet some laws would be unenacted immediately and for the betterment of our wonderful teachers.

Need the teachers to teach and parents to parent which is to raise and discipline their own young’uns.  Need a good whoopin’ at school for the gully jumpers and another at home that night.  Needs to be more educatin’ and more young’uns to ‘ack-rite’.

Neighbor, we need to get fair prices for hogs which are now about forty cents a pound.  Then the guv’mint needs to ’splain to me why hog meat costs five dollars a pound in the sto’?

Sho’ a big gap and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout a barbed wire fence either.  These problems have been created by skullduggery and carpet baggery selfish, egotistical, cold hearted individuals.  There is always enough for the needy but never enough for the greedy.

Proudly I believe we need to send about a half dozen Southern sages off the front porch of Mr. Ben’s mercantile to D. C. Washington and they would have it whittled out in a week as they would send their saddle home.

Beloved, what the world needs now is love, sweet love, more compassion and caring for their fellowman.  Need a lot less back stabbin’ and more workin’ together.  Maybe, just maybe some of these needs can be fulfilled in the New Year…GLORY!

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