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Public Safety Jan. 10

City Court Reports

January 3 Session


Philip J. Blayde, 4155 Monterey Drive, Memphis, no driver’s license, ex parte $50 fine plus cost; speeding, ex parte $10 fine plus cost.

Derrick J. Evans, 4268 Bennett Wood Drive, Millington, resisting official detention, $50 fine plus cost.

Sherry C. Hodges, 4955 Bilrae Circle North, Millington, no driver’s license, $50 fine plus cost.

Frank J. Larue, 760 Quito Road, Millington, driving while license suspended, $250 plus cost.

Channice D. Ratliff, 1776 Lauderdale St., Memphis, failure to yield to emergency vehicle.

Damon A. Ross, 2225 Goldbrier Lane, Memphis, possession of a controlled substance, $250 fine plus cost.

Lakisha N. Seaverson, 4909 Saratoga Road, Millington, no driver’s license, $50 fine plus cost; speeding, $10 fine plus cost.

Hearing-waiver bind-over

Gigi Potts, 7821 Newport Road, Millington, charged with domestic assault.




December 27 – 43-year-old Millington man charged with aggravated assault, unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment.

December 28 – 25-year-old Millington woman charged with failure to appear; 43-year-old Millington woman charged with driving while license suspended/cancelled/revoked and lamp at end of train of vehicles; 53-year-old Millington woman charged with assault and resisting stop, frisk, halt, arrest or search.

December 29 – 27-year-old Millington man charged with Possession of handgun while under influence, simple possession or casual exchange, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving under the influence of intoxicant and refusal to submit to tests for alcoholic or drug content of blood.

December 30 – 51-year-old Memphis man charged with aggravated assault

December 31 – 24-year-old Millington man charged with public intoxication and resisting stop, frisk, halt, arrest or search; 28-year-old Cooter, Ark. Man charged with failure to appear; 30-year-old Memphis man charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to manufacture/deliver/sell.

January 1 – 48-year-old Millington man charged with public intoxication; 27-year-old Drummonds man charged with assault.

January 2 – 56-year-old Memphis woman charged with disorderly conduct, criminal trespass and resisting stop, frisk, halt, arrest or search.



December 24 – Continental HDR P225/70 19.5, tire and aluminum rim, stolen.

December 25 – 7734 Arapahoe St., red and white snowman purse and wallet; Pen Air Federal Checkbook, debit card and credit card; Sears credit card; JC Penney credit card; white gold earrings and diamond ring; black Track Phone; currency, stolen.

December 30 – 8445 Highway 51, Hewlett Touch desktop, stolen; Unknown Address On North End, yellow woman’s handbag, Social Security card, Regions Bank debit card, currency and Apple iPhone charger, stolen.




Fire Reports


Building fire

December 28 – 6081 Highway 51 North.

Motor vehicle accident with injuries

December 31 – 8043 Navy Road; 6266 Dawn Haven.

Motor vehicle accident without injuries

December 28 – Sledge Road.

December 29 – Wilkinsville Road.

December 31 – Paul Barrett Parkway.

Emergency medicals/assistance

December 27 – 4000 block of Navy Road.

December 28 – 400 block of Biloxi Street; 3000 block of Shane Road; 4000 block of Sykes Road; 4000 block of Doris Circle; 4000 block of Montgomery.

December 29 – 8000 block of Highway 51 North; 7000 block of Highway 51 North; 8000 block of Bethuel Road; 4000 block of Tickle View Drive.

December 30 – 7000 block of Hickory Meadow Road; 6000 block of Navy Road.

December 31 – 7000 block of Gunlock Drive; 4000 block of Bilrae Circle North; 7000 block of Tecumseh Street.

January 1 – 7000 block of Sweet Bark Road; 7000 block of Church Street; 4000 block of Bill Knight Avenue.

January 2 – 4000 block of Baywood Drive; 4000 block of Pleasant Ridge Road; 8000 block of Highway 51 North.


Public Safety

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