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Right of way OK’d for right-turn lane on Church Street

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The Millington Board of Mayor and Aldermen has unanimously granted a right of way for construction of a right-turn lane southbound on Church Street.

Board members took the action during their Jan. 7 regular monthly meeting.

City Engineer Darek Baskin recalled that, for the past couple of years, the state of Tennessee has been “managing” a project for Millington that consists of improvements to the Navy Road and Church Street intersection. But he noted that, when the project “goes to construction,” the city will have to take over the management of it.

Baskin said the project involves adding a right-turn lane, some drainage improvements and new traffic signals on the southbound section of Church Street north of Navy Road. He noted that the signals will be the new, black “mast-arm poles” like the ones currently installed on Veterans Parkway.

Baskin said the state will be granted the right of way on two tracts that the city owns along the west side of Church Street from Navy Road to “a little past” Buford Street. Although Tennessee could buy the property from Millington, he said, the city would then have to pay the state back.

“It’s just easier for us to donate the land to the state,” he acknowledged. “That way, there’s no transfer of funds involved.”

Mayor Terry Jones received a map of the property from the state’s right of way acquisition agent. He said Tract 7 is the property that the city owns on the north side of Buford and Church streets, while Tract 4 is on the south side. One is 598 square feet, and the other is 258 square feet.

In response to a question by Alderman Bethany Huffman, Baskin said the city is not giving the state the entire lot, only a portion of the right of way that is approximately 10 or 12 feet.

City Attorney Barbara Lapides said she believes this is property that former mayor George R. Harvell Jr. had the city acquire many years ago, with this particular project in mind.

Baskin said Millington has already paid an amount that would cover the state’s management of the right of way portion of the project, as well as the acquisition of some property on the “northwest corner” that the city does not own.

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