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Millington Central’s The Oracle continues to gain national recognition, class currently working on sixth production

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

The Oracle editor and Millington Central High School senior Courtney Reed works on a page under the supervision of Dr. Forbess during class last week.

The Oracle editor and Millington Central High School senior Courtney Reed works on a page under the supervision of Dr. Forbess during class last week.

The sixth Oracle is currently under production in the Millington Central High School classroom of Dr. Julie Forbess.

This year’s magazine with the theme journeys has to live up to the high standards of the previous five editions. The student-produced magazine has been award-winning the last three years.

Under the guidance of 2012 MCHS graduate Kayla Martin last year, The Oracle earned national recognition with a first place with special merit in the American Scholastic Press Association Competition.

Forbess said some of the reasons the magazine is earning praise and awards is because the colorful art, unique pictures and original writings help the publication live up to it’s namesake.

“In anicent Greece people from all different walks of life, including Julius Caesar, would go to the Oracle to ask for advice, predictions about everyday life, about battles, government issues and their love life,” she noted. “So since this is a teenage publication, the students write about their lives and speculate on the future and how things will be different. Or even how reality could be different if they were living different lives or were in love with different people.”

Following that model, The Oracle earned it’s first top honor with Special Merit from ASPA is 2011. In 2010, the magazine was a first-place award winner.

The 2012 edition won three total national awards. The staff was composed of editor Martin, junior editor Courtney Reed, Taylor Paladino, Breanna Copeland, Sara Barrera, Eric Philipps, Andrea’ Hardaway, Darrell Warberg and Emily Stewart.

Last year’s Oracle won a gold medal from the Colombia Scholastic Press Association and

Superior First Place for the Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazine competition. That competition featured 417 schools from across the nation with Millington being one of 56 to win a Superior First Place award.

“She makes us rewrite things we submit a million times,” Reed noted. “She gives us assignments that can work in the journal instead just writing random things.”

Reed is the editor on this year’s staff with Shelia Broome, Brandon Carmichael, Breanna Copeland, Gregory Hairston, Andrea’ Hardaway, Danean Hughes, Hunter Nolen and Darrell Warberg.

The work of the staff members are the foundation of The Oracle.

“We have a creative-writing class and a literary journal class,” Forbess noted. “Those two classes produce a majority of the writing. We do ask students from all across the campus to submit their writings. We ask all students to produce any art they produce. But most of the art comes from Ms. Zachary’s and Ms. Lane’s classes.”

Original art pieces jump off the pages of The Oracle with copies of oil paintings, watercolors and more. Then large photos dominate certain sections of the magazine featuring life in Millington and the surroundings areas. Not only features of high school life are showcases, The Oracle also has pictures of everyday life through the eyes of a teenager. Then articles and creative writing pieces can be found throughout the pages. The first edition of The Oracle was printed in May 2008.

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