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Six Trojans reach State, Ramsey to represent Brighton

Brighton's Essex Ramsey

Brighton’s Essex Ramsey

Region 8 Results (All wrestlers listed below will participate in State Tournament)

106- First-place match, Nathan Carter (Cordova) defeated Travis Arthur (Houston) 20-3

Third-place match, Alex Carroll (Bartlett) defeated James Westmoreland (Bolton) 8-5


113- First-place match, Zac Sumner (Collierville) defeated Nicholas Carter (Cordova) pinfall first

Third-place match, Sheldon Green (MAHS) defeated Brittin Roedel (Houston) 7-3


120- First-place match, Byron Smith (Cordova) defeated Scottie Thomas (Millington) pinfall first

Third-place match, Mitchell Nguyen (Collierville) defeated Darrian Davis (Southwind) 10-5


126- First-place match, Cameron Hall (Arlington) defeated Alaa Shihadeh (Houston) 12-4

Third-place match, Taylor Dowden (Bolton) defeated Diego Scott-McCabe (Collierville) 6-2


132- First-place match, Sidney Blackwood III (Germantown) defeated Jacob Carter (Bartlett) pinfall first

Third-place match, Andrew Zarshenas (Arlington) defeated Matthew Richardson (Collierville) 10-4


138- First-place match, Alquane Edwards (Southwind) defeated Braun Stephens (Bartlett) pinfall second

Third-place match, Seth Williams (Collierville) defeated Michael Lineberry (Arlington) pinfall second


145- First-place match, Robby Goldshot (Cordova) defeated James McClanahan (Southwind) pinfall

Third-place match, Nathan Enzor (Arlington) defeated Collin Compton (Collierville) pinfall third


152- First-place match, Tyler Whitworth (Arlington) defeated Tyler Kennel (Collierville) pinfall second

Third-place match, Jaxon Cook (Millington) defeated Jimtarius Hampton (Kingsbury) 9-4


160- First-place match, Billy Rainey (Collierville) defeated Matt Wideman (Arlington) pinfall first

Third-place match, Jeffrey Houston (Germantown) defeated Kevin Reeves (Bartlett) 6-5


170- First-place match Derrick Tucker (Germantown) defeated Devante Robinson (Millington) 18-2

Third-place match, Cole Young (Houston) defeated Graydon Yoder (Collierville) 7-1


182- First-place match, Jordan Davis (Cordova) defeated Luke Walker (Millington) pinfall second

Third-place match, Essex Ramsey (Brighton) defeated Cameron Tarver (Colierville) 12-3


195- First-place match, Khristian Kellum (Germantown) defeated Jamarius Julious (Raleigh-Egypt) 9-5

Third-place match, Tyree Daniels (Cordova) defeated Luis Hernandez (Millington) 7-2


Brighton Head Coach Larrick Johnson

Brighton Head Coach Larrick Johnson


Millington Coaching Staff

Millington Coaching Staff



220-pound Region Champ Jamario Erving

220-pound Region Champ Jamario Erving

220- First-place match, Jamario Erving (Millington) defeated Tra’vis Williams (Southwind) pinfall second

Third-place match, Justice Houston (Germantown) defeated Alexander Tekle (Houston) pinfall third


285- First-place match, Adrian Keeley (Bartlett) defeated Tres Ring (Collierville) 5-3

Third-place match, Terrence Partee (Southwind) defeated Tre Edwards (Bolton) pinfall second



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