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Northaven Celebrates American History

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Triple S Steppers

Triple S Steppers

First the students of Northaven Elementary school got a chance to cheer on names like Robert Turner, Dashawn Holland, Detrick Fentress, Makayla Simmons, Nautica Clark, Cedrick Richard, Natalie Yearwood and Terrika Brooks.

Once the members of Triple S Step Team finished their performance last Thursday afternoon, the spotlight of the Black History program was places on several Northaven students portraying historical figures from all races who have impacted the United States.

The idea to showcase Americans from all races, different creeds and backgrounds came from event organizer and Northaven Librarian Judy Walker. The program based on the book Of Thee I Sing by President Barack Obama was called Kaleidoscope.

There was a daytime performance for the students and an encore later that evening for the parents.

“I was inspired to conduct the Black History program because of the discord and disunity in our school and community,” Walker said. “So I thought if we did a program, we can help like Michael Jackson’s song, Heal the World. At least heal our part of the community to help get rid of all that racial tension.”

Walker worked along with fourth grade teachers Angela Harvey Crockam, Vickie Smith, Comeshia Williams and assistants Courtney Jolly and Adriane Glover.

Jolly is the sponsor of Triple S, a student step show that took their peers through the history of the performing art. The group was under the direction of Jolly and co-sponsors Tiffany Williams, Wendy Evans, Kujuria Bobbitt-Oliver, Darnell Pirtle, Comeshia Williams and Glover.

Triple S shared the stage with well-known names like George Washington, Cesar Chavez, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Neil Armstrong, Jane Addams, Maya Lin, Georgia O’Keffe, Albert Einstein, Jackie Robinson, Sitting Bull, Billie Holiday and Helen Keller.

The students from Williams’ and Smith’s classes took to the microphone dressed like the historical figure they were representing and recited some highlights for their life.

The first student to address the audience that day was Dewayne Anderson reciting the poem I’m Determined to be Somebody! by Herbert W. Brewster. Brent Palmer read the work of poetry that night to the students and parents.

Walker hoped the poetry empowered the audience, the step show educated it and the presentation by the two classes illustrated how the melting pot of America has shaped this country.

“We wanted to use President Obama’s book to show that no matter what the color of your skin, where you came from or what you believe,” Walker concluded, “whether you came to America voluntary or whether you were here involuntary, had to be in America, no one race built this country. That we all helped to build America. Like the late Rodney King said, ‘We should all get along.’”


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