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Aldermen elect Ford city’s first vice mayor

By Bill Short

Chris Ford was elected the city of Millington's first vice mayor.

Chris Ford was elected the city of Millington’s first vice mayor.

After two unsuccessful attempts to nominate one of its new members, the Millington Board of Mayor and Aldermen has elected Alderman Chris Ford to be the city’s first vice mayor.

Board members took the action during their Feb. 4 regular monthly meeting on a motion offered by Alderman Bethany Huffman and seconded by Alderman Larry Dagen. The motion was passed by six affirmative votes, with Ford abstaining.

Shortly before the vote, when Mayor Terry Jones opened the floor for nominations, several seconds passed before anyone spoke.

Then, Dagen nominated Alderman Frankie Dakin, who is a student at Rhodes College in Memphis. When the nomination died for lack of a second, Dakin nominated Alderman Hank Hawkins.

But after that nomination also failed to receive a second, Millington resident Louise Kennon, who was seated in the audience, suggested that the board consider Ford or Alderman Mike Caruthers, who have the most seniority.

“You’ve got two who know what goes on,” she said. “Who do you want? All of you can vote.”

But Huffman said she would like to ask whether either of those men was willing to serve in that position.

“The vice mayor is a fairly responsible office,” she noted, “and both of them are very busy individuals.”

Dagen said that was the reason he nominated Dakin.

“But he has school,” Kennon responded, “and he doesn’t have time.”

“I can tell you this,” Dagen said. “He’s got a lot more time on his hands than we do.”

When Kennon expressed her belief that both Ford and Caruthers were “available,” Ford said he would do it.


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