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MCHS freshmen get a visit from NSC bringing Physical Science to life

By Thomas Sellers Jr.Science Mobile hair

Millington Central High School had a special guest on campus last Wednesday and Thursday for the ninth graders.

There to see the freshmen was a big blue, colorful structure with all types of science knowledge. The Mobile Discovery Center, an 18-wheeler sponsored by the National Science Center and the U.S. Army, parked just behind the main building for a two-day session with MCHS Physical Science students.

Some of the students who got a chance to become a part of science were from Sharon Reichard’s class. Students like Victoria Thompson got a chance to touch a magnetic ball and watch her hair expand toward the ceiling of the rig. Then with the help of her peers Kip Fleming and Kayla Brown, Thompson and several other classmates formed a human chain. When Fleming, who was holding the hand of Thompson bumped fist with Brown, all the students got a shock.

Reichard said it was good for her students to get a chance to experience and live the lessons they’ve been learning since August.

The NSC came to Millington after Reference Libraian Diane Schnetzler applied for the Mobile Discovery Center to make a stop in Flag City. The NSC is located in Augusta, Ga. takes the road  with Mobile Discovery Centers as an outreach to children from the fourth to ninth grade. Traveling across the United States, the NSC’s mission is to present programs designed to show students studying science and math can be fun as well as essential to their future.

The staff is composed of NSC members,U.S. Army soldiers and the Department of Army civilian personnel. For more information on the NSC programs visit

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