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Buyer be War (Part 2)

By Stan Sorensen

What do your emotions, heart, soul and mind let you buy into?

Ecclesiastes 3:2 says “there is a time for every activity under heaven; A time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to up root, a time to kill and a time to heal…..a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace.”

What are you spending your time doing?  Time is worth very much and in fact, is precious. More precious than gold, rubies or diamonds. Choose to do Godly things with your time and your time will be well spent.

The time spent on negative things will wear down your soul. I’ve worn down my soul at times. I have spent time (though rarely) thinking prejudiced thoughts, running after stuff and looking at my toes on the couch or in bed. I’m a pretty good worker though, have calluses on my hands from many years of carpentry.

When you face God (I know for a fact, 100 percent that everyone will) will he say “well spent good and faithful servant!” Or will he say “Away from me! I never knew you!” These statements are addressed to Christians, who have not done well in serving God or loving their neighbor. Please spend your time doing what is right and good according to Gods accounting method.

There are things that we spend our money and personal time on that are not a good purchase. I guess I’ve done pretty well on both; however you can’t be too careful. The following are examples of every day occurrences that I’ve recalled.

I bought my motorcycle from a local dealer. The owner came up to me in the showroom and stated” I like pecan pie!” I thought this was funny, so after perusing several bikes I went down to Jones orchards and bought him a small one. I got a fair price on the bike, however, when I was ready to pull out of the showroom, I asked him “How do I ride it during break in?” “Oh, just ride it any way you like!” I thought newer bikes may be different, so I took him by his word. Wrong tactic. It required a 1,500 mile break in period. The bike could have been seriously damaged. When I asked him about mpg, again, bogus info “it will get 60 miles to a gallon after break in” I was incredulous and I knew he was full of it (and I don’t mean pecan pie.)When I introduced my wife he hardly blinked an eye. Disrespect? Ego? More and more false info continued to spew forth. I wasn’t careful enough and now use another dealer.

There are some auto dealers etc. that like to be near military bases to hit young folk up with fancy vehicles at high cost and interest. Be careful with temptation and terms that will haunt you for many years. Someone, somewhere, is waiting for an opportunity to put you in bondage to money and possessions. This kind of stuff breaks up families and relationships.

Be careful who you hire. While building my mother’s home in Shelby forest, I hired a big white fella my brother in law recommended.  He was doing some final grading. I had also hired two black carpenters and had become good friends with them and still am.

The day the big fella came to work he “This is real pleasant, they’re almost like brothers,” recognized my new black friend, and they started up a right fine conversation about family, fish’n and fool’n round etc. We were standing there in the bright morning sun and I was thinking this is real nice. Almost like brothers.

Next day, I was finishing some rafters with my brother in law on the second floor. The big white fella was tinkering with his tractor just below. Nice day, in fact I thought it was going to be a great day.

The big fella (I think his nick name is Lunker and his son’s is Log, though I think this is kind of odd) looks up and at me and says “Stanley, where’s your (n-word)?” I was frozen. I wasn’t able to process this. He had an evil smirk on his face. What about yesterday? Family, fish’n and fool’n? This came from someone who had treated my black friend as if they had grown up together (I think they had, somewhat.) My brother in law had recommended him and they were friends. My head reeled and I was totally taken aback. I did the meek, cowardly thing and said “No one’s shown up today.” I was suddenly feeling kind of tired. My brother in law looked at me and said “Wha?” He knew wha. Lunker looked back to his tractor, still grinning. I said “I’m not doing anything else today” and started packing up.

Although not of its pure essence, that’s the way racism is. It hits hard and below the belt. I couldn’t tell my black friend what had happened because that would hurt him. But, I’ve pondered this for some time and it’s bothered me so I need to clear the air. I will before this is printed. My black friend has been continuously kind to me in every way and has taught me a lot about the south, good and bad in all folks. He’s a pastor and he’s been like a father to me, so I know he’ll understand.

While I was working down in Marks, Mississippi I stopped at a nearby quick mart to get some coffee and some snacks. The black owners were real friendly and we started talking about the area. I told them that I was from the west coast and talked about the oceans, mountains and deserts. They told me about Mississippi and how they had worked hard to get what they owned. They then surprised me by telling me that some of the black folk had treated them like they were uppity because they were successful and that they were looked down on. Many blacks treated them well, but they said the whites had been most gracious and appreciative.  They went on for some time, and were really nice folks. This is, I believe,  a fundamental problem that should be considered. Why are some blacks so covetous and disrespectful toward even their own? I have many faithful, kind and hard working black friends but I think this issue needs to be addressed, respectfully.

Why aren’t things as perfect as we would like or at least a whole lot better? Why are there so many horrendous things happening in our neighborhoods and around the world? I can only say that God wants us to do what is right and good according to his will but there is opposition from another quarter. Satan is alive and well and he wants to see chaos and destruction reign. And it is his plan to see us used as puppets in his efforts. How do we counter this? By doing what is right and good according to God, loving our neighbor and reading the Bible.

What is the sum of the Bible? Do you really know? Many Christians know the words as do others. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind” and “Love your neighbor as yourself” Luke 10:27. It is the greatest commandment. “All the law and the prophets hang on these two commandments” Matt. 22:40. You can love some of your neighbors and not love God, but you cannot love God without loving your neighbors. All the colors of the rainbow. This strengthens our bond with God. This is the sum you must faithfully pay to the Lord.

You really can’t pay this debt fully, you can only try as hard as you can knowing Jesus paid that debt for you. Can you use play money, tokens or a penny filed down to the size of a dime? Many try, but God knows us and every counterfeit move we attempt.  The amazing thing is that Christ paid this debt for us. We just need to believe in him and follow him. The final words of Jesus when he was hung on the cross after being betrayed for a few pieces of silver, mocked as if he were a madman (He has a demon!) beaten and scorned, pierced by nails, hands and feet, put on display like a common thief, then abandoned by God and man with the sins of all mankind pressing down upon his shoulders were;” Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do.” Then” It is finished.”

He has paid our debt in full.


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