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Chorale makes a Millington girl proud

Dear Editor:


What a debut Performance for MCHS at Carnegie Hall.

Millington Central High School Chorale, conducted by Jeffrey Allen Murdock, Jr., opened April 2 Carnegie Hall Choral Festival with an award winning performance.  As they walked on stage I heard whispers as to who is this unknown group.  A couple from Alabama, seated next to my group, wanted to know, “Can they sing?” However, as they begin to sing a silent hall became mesmerized. MCHS stood on stage poised and confident showing they had earned this accolade.

As the tears rolled from my eyes, my heart filled with respect and admiration. Students from my hometown (not my high school; however, less than 5 miles from my home on Sledge Road) were singing in one of the most prestigious concert hall in the world.  Not only were they singing, they were commanding the stage.  After each selection as the conductor acknowledged the group, the audience did not applaud, we just sit waiting, hoping and praying for more.  MCHS did not disappoint us, they gave more and more.  After six selections of more excellence the group exited the stage to a standing ovation, no longer an unknown group.

MCHS was one of six schools chosen from around the world to perform. Their performance was followed by schools from Alabama, Puerto Rico, Serbia, Iowa and Czech Republic.


Felecia A. Harris

New York City, formerly of Millington


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