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Board approves $6,900 bid to repair track at Lions Park

Flag City LogoBy Bill Short

The Millington Board of Mayor and Aldermen has voted unanimously to accept a bid of $6,900 to repair the damaged walking track at Lions Park.

Board members took the action during their April 1 regular monthly meeting on a motion offered by Alderman Hank Hawkins and seconded by Alderman Frankie Dakin.

The bid, submitted by Black Diamond Paving of Bolton, was the lowest of three received.

Todd Goode, director of the Millington Arts and Recreation Department, said that before the update on the city’s budget status, he had begun the process of determining the exact cost to repair the walking tracks at both Aycock and Lions Park.

After the bids were received, Goode said, he concluded that the repair cost for Aycock is “prohibitive” in the current budget situation, but it is not for Lions Park.

Referring to photos he gave the board that show the “buckling” of the track at Lions Park and the protruding “tree roots” in that area, Goode called it a “safety issue.”

“We’ve already had one lawsuit against the city in previous years and settlement for that part of the track,” he recalled. “That’s when they went back and painted the lines on the track and put the signage up there.”

So, to prevent future lawsuits, which would cost the city more than $6,900, Goode recommended that the board get that part of the track repaired.

“They’ll tear that part completely out and lay new track there,” he noted, “as well as re-cover the rest of the track in order to make sure that doesn’t happen in those areas.”

When Alderman Mike Caruthers asked how much the Lions Park walking track is used, Goode acknowledged that he does not have a “specific number.” But he said surveys his department has conducted reveal that, other than Aycock, Lions is the “most-used” park among Millington residents.

Noting that Lions Park is located in her neighborhood, Debra Sigee told the board that the track needs to be repaired. Mayor Terry Jones agreed.

“Every time I’ve visited over in that area,” he said, “I always see people on that track.”

“Right,” Sigee responded. “And people even drive there to walk that track.”

While acknowledging that he understands Goode’s desire to prevent future lawsuits, Alderman Thomas McGhee said he would like to see the repairs done to prevent “further injuries.”

“Sure,” Goode responded.

“And in the same thought, to prevent further lawsuits,” McGhee added. “But people use it, and we don’t want people to get hurt.”

When Alderman Bethany Huffman asked whether the bidders know that the board could choose to repair the track in only one park, Goode said that was made clear in the advertisement for bids.

“OK,” she concluded. “I just want to make sure we won’t have an issue if we went back and only picked part of it.”


  • TiGeR

    Great. Now can we work on getting the bathrooms unlocked. Those of us “of a certain age” would like to walk several laps but can’t because nature calls us more frequently. The locked facilities force us to cut our walks short. It’s sad that our tax dollars paid for the facilities but the only way to have them opened is to rent the pavillion at $25 a day. I walk there often and the park does get quite a bit of use but I fear it may be developing a problem. It is quickly becoming a gathering place for kids with cars. So far just a little uncomfortable at times but potentially a problem. That may be a source of the vandalism the play ground and bathrooms have suffered. Our Police Department is great to check on the situation and keep the kids moving on and it’s unfortunate that Millington does not have any entertainment options for that age group but large, unsupervised groups of kids tend to lead to trouble.

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