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Frayser High first graduating class celebrates 60th with Ed Haley

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Ed Haley

Ed Haley

A. Edgar “Ed” Haley has traveled the world and helped start a high school.

His life’s journey began in Kerrville just north of Millington under the guidance of Ammon and Elizabeth Haley. Growing up the oldest of eight children, Haley is now retired and living back home in Kerrville.

Known to some as Coach Haley, the 89-year-old born on Halloween 1923 still has a sharp mind that helped him survive in World War II and get Frayser High School up and running.

It was his dedication in the classroom and in athletics that has Haley recognized May 3 at the Frayser High School Class of 1953 reunion held at Bob Evans in Bartlett.

Frayser High School opened it’s doors on Dellwood back in 1949 with a school full of ninth graders. As the next four years went by, the students advanced to the next grade with instructors like Haley guiding them along the way.

“I coached it all,” Haley recalled. “I coached football, basketball, baseball and P.E. classes.”

Haley was a key part in the 48 students graduating from the first class of Frayser in 1953. Haley had departed from the school the previous Thanksgiving.

But before leaving Frayser he made several memories, even one involving one of his siblings.

“When I was there at Frayser we played Millington in football,” he recalled. “My brother Ed played at Millington. I told him I offered a steak dinner to anyone who could take him out of the game.”

Haley’s little brother Edward Haley finished that game and proceeded to have a successful career as a representative for District 95.

Edward followed in his big brother’s footsteps by attending college. Edgar, also known as Pee Wee, attending then Memphis State University.

That was just one standout part of Haley’s past. Haley, who served three years for the United States Air Force, was part of a specialized 11-man outfit that flew D-Day missions over the Pacific in World War II.

Haley said his life’s experiences can be summarized in the lyrics of the Billy Ray Cyrus song “I’m American.”

One red line in our home town

you everybody from miles around

this country made me who I am

I thank God I’m American



Ohhhh I’m American

red, white and blue

I’m American

From my head down to my boots


Mama’s in the kitchen suppers almost up

Daddy on the front porch looking at my gun

Raise me up do what I can

proud as hell I’m American




I’m American


Ohhh yeah

I’m just a boy you see

All forget what we thought to me

freedom and free you can’t deny

don’t forget those sacrifice


I’m American 

From my head down to my boots

I’m American

red, white and blue


I’m American 


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