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At the Millington Central High School Auto Shop the students studying Auto Electrical learn enough about electricity to apply their skills to home and household items as well.
John Kasper their instructor challenged his advanced students with the job of rebuilding an old automotive merchandiser clock made in 1982.
Kasper said “The old clock really had a hard life. It must have been in a really hot area which made the plastic sides of the clock very brittle. At some point it was knocked off a wall, damaged seriously and thrown in the garbage.” Students Ryan Powell and Jimmy Holiman recovered the only usable part of the clock which was the clock face itself. The side case was unusable and the two old plastic 40 watt bulb sockets were shattered. Kasper provided his students with a new clock movement, wood for a new case and modern LED light strips to replace the conventional bulbs. Kasper explained that “ The students were familiar with the LED strips because they are the ones you see in tail lights and across the trunk of Cadillacs”.
The two 40 watt incandescent bulbs were replaced with 192 LED lights in 8-24 light strips. This results in a 73 percent energy savings and same light output as two bulbs. Costs for the rebuild were about $18 which accounted for the LEDs and clock movement and the wood was free.
A comparable LED bulb that puts out the light of a conventional 100 watt bulb is $55. The DIY aspect of the project brought the cost recovery time of the clock down to about one year as compared to four years for a store bought LED replacement bulb. Kasper said of what the students learned; “They demonstrated that skills learned in automotive can be transferred to other applications, electricity for your house and car are not all that different, and how technology and some manpower can reduce your expenses.”

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