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What does the future hold for 2013 graduates?

By Tammy NaborsMCHS grads

Graduations are occurring all throughout the Mid-South.
Many of our children have no idea what the future holds for them. From college graduates, high school graduates, even eighth grade graduations can leave one confused and without direction. As parents and responsible guardians we must ask ourselves what is our role in helping these children plan for the future. Here are a few tips to help you get started.
Eighth grade graduation can be fun but yet an eye opener. Your child is getting ready to take on High School. Most students have no idea about the courses they should take. First start by talking to a school counselor and determine if your child is college bound, on a technical path, or just looking forward to high school graduation. It makes a difference so that they can determine the right classes to take.
High school graduates should start planning for their future in the ninth grade.
Prepare your child for their ACT and make sure you enroll them in some ACT classes. Researching colleges and scholarship programs are very important. Knowing what college your child will be attending will give you heads up on the cost and the requirements for the University or College they will be attending. Out of state tuition is much higher than in-state tuition so one must prepare themselves for that.
Upon entering college parents must prepare their children for the transition of being a child to becoming a young adult. The freedom of being an on campus student can be expensive but fun for the child. As a student, research the degrees that are most in demand. Below is a list of top paying degrees according to Forbes.

1. Biomedical engineering
2. Computer science
3. Applied mathematics
4. Software engineering
5. Environmental engineering

The lowest-paying college majors are child and family studies, elementary education, social work, culinary arts, special education, recreation and leisure studies, religious studies, and athletic training.(Forbess,2012)
In saying that, educate yourself on your future; prepare yourself for a life changing event so that you can be future leaders of tomorrow. I salute all the 2013 graduates young and old and I pray that all your dreams, goals and future endeavors are fulfilled.

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