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P.A.M.S. signs stolen as June 29 voting date approaches

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Millington resident Charles P. Reed rides around with his support of Millington obtaining its own school system. Recently 77 of his signs were stolen.
Millington resident Charles P. Reed rides around with his support of Millington obtaining its own school system. Recently 77 of his signs were stolen.

Former Millington Alderman candidate and community activist Charles P. Reed believes there are opponents to Millington Municipal Schools.

Some time after June 2, nearly 80 political signs in support of Millington residents voting in favor of its own school system were stolen out of his Ford truck. Reed filed a report with the Millington Police Department Wednesday afternoon reporting that 77 signs were taken from his vehicle.

Reed, who supports People for the Advancement of Millington Schools, has been placing signs around town encouraging residents to vote “yes” on the referendum on the ballot June 29 and July 16.

The one day of early voting is June 29 at the Baker Community Center. And July 16 Baker will be the site again for residents to vote on the issue. Last year, the sales tax increase that will go to financially support schools was passed. Reed’s sign illustrated that fact with a “DONE” painted across that ballot. The only issue that was left undone was passing the school referendum. With the signs being stolen from his truck, Reed and P.A.M.S. had to purchase another set of markers costing $590. Reed said that now makes the theft a felony.

I personally think my First Amendment Rights have been very, very badly violated ,” he said. “Because my First Amendment Rights say I have freedom of speech. And someone has denied me of this. You can disagree with me on an issue, but to silence me or try to silence me on my belief, I think people like this are evil to the core.”

Reed added that he supports a Millington Municipal School System in order to ensure a better future for the city’s children to the business community.

“The first thing a family ask about when they move to a town is about the schools,” he concluded. “We want the answer to be here about having the best schools.”

3 Responses to “P.A.M.S. signs stolen as June 29 voting date approaches”

  1. Ron Williams says:

    Millington must have its own school system to be competitive with the surrounding Shelby County municipalities when attracting new business and residents. Quality schools will be one of the city’s centerpieces. The way to ensure this is to have local control over the school system by Millington residents. The funding to accomplish this has already been approved by the voters last year. No new taxes are planned. Vote for Millington schools!

  2. MacJ says:

    Someone needs to wake Mr Reed,tell him that we do not need to pay for two school systems,Shelby County and Millington.Shelby County will increase our property tax ,and now Millington will increase property tax twice,to balance its budget and to pay for a new school system,Shelby County school system has worked well so far,if there’s something needs fixing about it fix it.And Mr Ron Williams idea that Millington needs its own system to be competitive,when our tax reaches it final level we won’t be able live here our selves,let alone attract any type of industry.That my opinion!

    • TiGeR says:

      Someone needs to tell MacJ that the failed Memphis City School system has pulled off a hostile take over of the Shelby County School system. When your children are bused to Whitehaven in order to achieve racial balance I bet your opinion changes.


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