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Letters to Editor June 13

Letter to city of Millington on behalf of Police Chief

Dear Editor:
The mission of the Millington Police Department is to work in cooperation with the citizens of Millington and to provide professional police services at a quality level to ensure the public trust.
Justice is a concept of moral rightness defined by citizens based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, equity or fairness, as well as the administration of the law, considering inalienable and inborn rights of individuals to equal protection regarding civil rights without discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, color, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, or other characteristics inclusive of social justice.
The appointed Chief of Police has demonstrated allegiance to uphold and enforce the laws of the city of Millington and is an advocate for justice conducting herself in a manner that exudes authority and control, personal responsibility and expects the same of the police force. The Chief is dependable and conscientious in situations requiring police action with the first response being to prevent tension from escalating while respecting citizens civil rights making decisions based on knowledge of laws, policies, procedures and regulations.
The Chief exudes professionalism and makes herself available expressing a desire to understand and meet citizens expectations. Chief Stanback possess a code of ethics above professionalism including internal standards of altruism, honor and integrity, respect, excellence and scholarship, caring, compassion, communication, leadership, responsibility and accountability. Rita Stanback is an exemplary Chief of Police.
Way to grow Millington!

Mamie Pike Shannon

Thanks Millington for supporting MASH

Dear Editor:
Our heartfelt appreciation to the Millington community for their kind contributions in support of Millington Animal Safe Haven (MASH) during our recent fundraising and educational event at Big Lots on May 25.
MASH truly appreciates all the contributions Big Lots shoppers donated in support of our rescued puppies. We also thank all the Big Lots shoppers who purchased items off our “Wish List.” These items are being used now to help care for the 10 rescued animals currently under our foster care.
A special thanks to Big Lots Manager Shelly Allford and Assistant Manager Nancy Douglas for inviting MASH to meet and greet their customers during their Memorial Day celebration. This was a wonderful opportunity for us to inform the community of our ongoing efforts to assist stray and rescued dogs in our area and we are grateful for their support.
We’d also like to recognize our long-time community business partners Tractor Supply Company and Open Marketplace, as well as North Shelby Animal Hospital and Millington veterinarian Marty Reed, whose ongoing support has made it possible for us to find forever homes for 79 puppies and dogs since Dec. 1, 2012.
We invite everyone who would like to learn more about MASH and get involved by helping foster, adopt or volunteer, to join us during at one of our weekly meetings at Baker Community Center, 7942 Church Street in Millington, every Thursday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. You can also go online at for more information about us, our meetings and events. You may also contact mash by e-mailing or calling (317-9502

Sheri Morgan
President MASH

P.A.M.S. encourages Millington to vote YES July 16

Dear Editor:
Municipal Schools Referendum
As parents and citizens in the city of Millington, we are very excited that we now have an opportunity to make a decision for our future when we go to the polls to vote on the Municipal Schools Referendum on July 16.
We strongly believe that this is a turning point for Millington that will have a huge impact on the city.  A quality education system not only creates a solid foundation for our children’s future, but it is also important for Millington property values and economic development.
We hope that even those who don’t have school-age children will recognize the need to get to the polls on July 16 and vot year for Millington Schools.  This is our time to stand up for Millington children and many more children to come.  The time is now, let’s get it done!

(People for the Advancement of Millington Schools)

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