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Letter to Editor: It’s Time For Millington Schools

Dear Editor:
Now is the perfect time for Millington to start its own municipal school system, contrary to the opinion expressed in chambers by the new City Manager last week.  There are no budget constraints preventing this from happening.  The majority of funding needed will follow the children from county, state and Federal Government sources, while the small amount left over will come from the added half percent sales tax approved by voters last year. The sales tax is projected to bring in excess of $1.2 million in the first year, far exceeding the amount mandated by state law as the contribution from local government.  There is no shortfall to be covered by any other source, such as property taxes.  So, what’s the problem?
Budgetary constraints being faced by Millington have nothing to do with the new school system. It was caused by past city leadership’s handling of city finances and would be there whether a new school system was being considered or not.  The schools should not be penalized because of past mistakes and must go forward.  A municipal school system is essential to the future of the city’s children and will be one of the centerpieces for attracting new residents and businesses.
The timing is right for Millington to be involved during the formation of other municipal school districts in Shelby County.  This allows the city to take advantage of inter-district cooperative agreements and the economies that come with them.  Waiting until later, as suggested by some, will only prove to be more disruptive to the children and to the disadvantage of Millington citizens by costing more money.
Vote for the Millington Municipal School referendum on June 29 during early voting or July 16 during the general election. Your future depends on it.

Ronald Williams

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