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Letter to Editor: Review of “Fort Douglas” by Nancy Foshee

Dear Editor:

Reading “Fort Douglas” was a pleasure and a good read. The very first page grabbed my interest and I found myself anxious to find out how this prologue played into the actual story line. The author expertly wove the opening scenario into the story and although it was not blatantly highlighted, the reader (me) knew what was going on with the funeral procession witnessed by Abigail.
Historical fiction intriguing to me and the historical data contained in this story rings with authenticity.
The author used this Mormon history to enhance her story of Abigail and Fort Douglas giving it an additional level of intrigue.
The young woman who is at the center of this story, Abigail Randolph, is head strong and determined in her beliefs that women deserve the vote, that Mormon women of Utah deserve better treatment and that she is quite capable of changing things. She is undeterred in her determination to right these wrongs which causes mounting trouble for her and for her family including her fiancee.
Mrs. Hempstead, the declared gossip of Fort Douglas and a well-known meddler, is easy to dislike.
We have all met her and we have gone away shaking our heads wondering if we are the nut case here. But Abigail persevered and her father eventually won the day for her. The play off between Abigail, Mrs. Hempstead, and Abigail’s father was just fun to watch.
All in all, Foshee has given us a very good story, and a story that is well told and keeps your interest until the final page. So grab a bowl of popcorn, a cup of tea, a warm afghan, a comfortable place to sit or recline and enjoy the journey.

Sue Nan Hartley

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