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From A to Zvolanek… Munford grad shined on and off court

By Thomas Sellers Jr.

Lauren Zvolanek fights for a rebound during Munford's Sub-State game against Central. She also helped the Munford Volleyball team reach Sectionals last year.

Lauren Zvolanek fights for a rebound during Munford’s Sub-State game against Central. She also helped the Munford Volleyball team reach Sectionals last year.

Lauren Zvolanek looks forward to a morning run.
But with a busy schedule of varsity volleyball and basketball and earning a top 10 spot in the Munford High School Class of 2013, it is hard for Zvolanek to make time for her hobby.
“I would go to school and then go to practice, then go to work,” she said. “I work at Subway. I work like 30 hours a week. I get like 5 hours of sleep a day. Now a days I wake up at 4:45 and go run. I like doing 5Ks.”
Zvolanek said running helps her think and stay in shape. With a stronger mind and body, Zvolanek was able to finish No. 7 in her class with a 4.0 grade point average and score a 28 on the ACT.
The daugther of Angel Talley and Jeff Zvolanek was also a part of two teams to reach Sub-State.
For four years Zvolanek played varsity volleyball for the Lady Cougars helping the team reach Sub-State each season. Her sophomore year Munford participated in the State Tournament.
“It was fun and exciting,” Zvolanek said of volleyball. “I had great teammates. Scarlet (Gable) definitely started a winning tradition. So Sami and I already knew that level of play, playing all the Memphis teams. So we just kept playing hard.”
Zvolanek and her fellow volleyball seniors helped keep the volleyball program on a high level winning mulitple district and Region titles after the departure of Gable to Belmont.
When Zvolanek joined Lady Cougar Basketball, the program was going through a transition from the Mike Anderson era to the Steve Poindexter era.
The Munford native along with classmates like Robneisha “Bird” Lee, Shalayih Wiggins and Alex Turner helped the Lady Cougars reach Sub-State for the first time in school history.
“We definitely had to work a lot harder for that in basketball,” Zvolanek acknowledged. “Coach Poindexter, he was hard. I was scared of him and wanted to quit the very first day he came in here. But he motivated us big time and he kept us going.
“We all played together since the sixth grade,” she added. “So we knew each other and knew how to play with each other. We grew closer together and we didn’t let stuff come between us.”
Leaving championship banners in the Munford Gymnasium and earning a top 10 spot, Zvolanek is ready for her next step in life.
“I’m going to The University of Memphis and I’m going to major in biology,” she said. “I’m looking at pediatry.
“This marks the end of my sports career,” Zvolanek added. “It will give me more determination to work harder at schoool stuff. I’m going to be majoring in biology so it’s going to be more difficult. I want to get into med school.”
Zvolanek said she will miss MHS and the relationship she developed with administrators, faculty, staff, coaches and especially teammates.
“Being around the team,” she concluded. “I love all of them. I grew so close to them. Before games we would go hang out. We played X-Box and all that kind of stuff. We became like sisters.”

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