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Millington’s Dangerous Curve

By Randy SchneiderSONY DSC

The "S" curve on Wilkinsville heading into Millington.

The “S” curve on Wilkinsville heading into Millington.

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Millington resident Randy Schneider recently suffered rim damage on Wilkinsville. As a public service to motorist, Schneider wrote a column and snap some shots of the trouble spot.
There is a “S” curve on Wilkinsinville Road, just before the Tipton county border, that is so dangerous, I have heard there is an accident every week.
Look at this photo review and then read how really dangerous the current road conditions are to each ad every person driving on this strip of road.
First note where the outside white lines are. Then take note where the dark images are.
These darker areas represent a sheer drop from pavement. These drop are anywhere from 4 inches, 6 inches and more. The length of these drop offs are from a few feet to more than 20 feet.
Now look at the curve and at the traffic. Note the short distance from oncoming traffic. Note how close many cars, or trucks, are from the edge of the white line. Note how much space a large truck takes going around the curve.
Now ask yourself what you would do if you were heading toward Millington and a car, or truck, was coming from the other direction. Would you veer a little over the white line to give more distance between you and the oncoming car or truck?
To veer over the white line, on a narrow curve, would be very natural. Now look at the photo of a rim that veered over the white line just a little. The pavement tore into the rim and seriously bent the rim. Just imagine what it did to the tire.
Now imagine a young mother, with her children, veering off this white line, just a few inches. She would lose control of the car, as the wheels would be in a ditch on one side and possibly having trouble getting back on the road.
She might get a flat (what happened to the rim) and be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Her kids would be in the car as other vehicles tried to get around her. Of course, things could get worse and she would lose control and head into oncoming traffic. Imagine what the outcome could be.
Maybe the road department does not car how many people get hurt in these very dangerous roads. What if a police office, or emergency vehicle, hit this sharp pavement drop. Could this sharp pavement not damage their cars also? Could their delay put others, desperately waiting for help, in dangerous conditions?
Maybe everyone who has had their vehicles damaged, or suffered personal harm, should contact the road department for reimbursement of their damages as a result of the highway not being properly maintained. Gross negligence of not maintaining proper highways is a major issue.
If a highway department does not properly maintain their highways, then they are considered negligent  and any damage as a result of their negligence is their responsibility.
Remember, I am not talking road damage from a very recent storm. I am talking of roads not being properly maintained over a long period of time. I am talking of multiple accidents, from what I hear from the local people in that area, on a regular basis.
Anyone, who doubts what I say, should drive on Wikinsinville Road towards Tipton county. Note how deteriorated the roads are in either direction. Note the great drop offs from pavement to dirt. Then note, once you enter Tipton County, how great their roads are heading toward the stop sign.
The public must act now, before someone gets seriously injured from highway negligence.

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