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MPD on lookout for arm robbers

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SAFETY ALERT: The Millington Police Department has seen an increase in reports of strong arm robberies to persons walking in the area of Lyons Park and the Anchorage/Commodore Apartments. These are occurring in the late night hours. Anyone walking these areas is encouraged to walk in groups and be diligent and alert for suspicious person and activities. Anyone with information can report it to the Millington Police Department, 872-3333.


  • TiGeR

    Section 8 investors, including the owners and residents of the townhomes on Hickory Meadow and Biloxi Circle are responsible for this, They have obviously gone section 8, numerous little bitty children, 4 or 5 years old, run the street unsupervised, groups of teens congregate in the yard of the house at Bennettwood and Hickory Meadow and groups of teens roam up and down the streets at all hours. We had a beautiful, quiet little neighborhood and this is absolutely ruining it.

  • random guy

    I agree with tiger to a point. In many ways, the community is better but, we have gained to many thugs in the process. Converting to section 8 is a yes but, we had Section 8 before. I have the same in my neighborhood Navy and Bethuel road.

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