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Board Approves Three Grants for Flood Repairs

By Bill ShortFlag City Logo

The Millington Board of Mayor and Aldermen has approved three Community Development Block Grants for cleanup and repairs related to the city’s 2010 flood.
Board members took the actions during their July 1 regular monthly meeting on three separate motions that were each passed by six affirmative votes, with Alderman Chris Ford absent.
They approved an $18,500 grant to clean out culverts on Navy Road, Max and Newport streets, a $65,000 grant to repair ditch fencing on Newport, and a $41,600 grant for riprap repair on the Raleigh-Millington Road bridge over Big Creek.
During discussion before the votes, City Engineer Darek Baskin said the grants are part of a list of seven projects for which Millington has received money tied to the long-term recovery efforts and disaster relief from the flood. Noting that they are 100-percent grants, he said they are funded through the federal government and Shelby County Housing Development.
Baskin said each of the grant contracts has a certain amount of money attached to it.
“We don’t expect to go over that cost,” he said. “But like in any other contract, costs may go over the amount projected, due to unexpected circumstances.”
Although that has not yet happened, Baskin said the city would need to know if the county does not approve those unexpected costs.
In response to a question by Alderman Thomas McGhee, the city engineer acknowledged that the work cannot begin until the contracts are approved and signed. He said he is not certain whether he will have to “work through this” with City Finance Director John Trusty and also with the county.
“The projects will either have to be bid out through advertisement and awarded to the lowest and best bid,” he noted, “or we’ll have to receive quotes for each project.”
When McGhee asked what will be cleaned out, Baskin said the city has culverts that have filled up with mud because of the “sediment” that was transported in the water during the 2010 flood.
“It’s dried,” he said, “and it’s not going anywhere until somebody gets in there and cleans it out. It reduces the flow capacity in the pipes and increases the chance of local flooding in some areas.”
In response to a comment by Mayor Terry Jones, Baskin acknowledged that any cost overruns would be paid for out of the city’s Storm Water Fund if they are not approved by the county.
But Trusty recalled that, in all previous overruns, the county has given the city all of the funds.
“While there’s a possibility of overruns,” he concluded, “the county has historically always come back and funded that additional money for us through Darek’s work.”

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