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Lovin’ It Millington

By Thomas Sellers Jr.McDonalds overviewMcDonalds powers

In all major cities and most small towns, there seems to be a McDonald’s.
The No. 1 fast food chain in the world was absence in Millington for a few days.
But Millington McDonald’s owner Fred Tillman and crew had a good reason for the temporary closure.
The location at 4735 Navy Road was Flag City’s stop for Big Macs, Quarter Pounders and McDonald’s fries.
Now Millington residents and those passing through can pop into McDonald’s at its state-of-art 7839 Highway 51 location.
“It’s very exciting because as you know we closed the other store down about a week ago,” Tillman said. “So our customers have been complaining. So we’re very excited to get open and we’ll be open Wednesday morning at 5 o’clock.”
The new Millington McDonald’s opened to the public July 3 in time for the long holiday weekend. But two days prior to the official unveiling, Tillman and McDonald’s dignitaries invited special guest and leaders in Millington to a “sneak peak” gathering.
Among those greeting guest were CO Steve Lykins, Director LeRoy Ratliff, CFO Ned Little, Director Lisa Clifft, General Manager Janice Wren and location Operations Manager Pam Carter.
Carter is a resident of Millington and said she knows how important McDonald’s is to the fabric of Flag City.
“It’s really exciting,” she said. “We really want to get back open for our customers to take care of them. So we’re looking forward to seeing all them.”
Carter noted that the new McDonald’s has 95 employees including shift managers. The location will be open 24 hours including the lobby.
The dining area features new designed tables for families, couples and singles. There are games built into stations for children and a digital look all around the booths and tables.
“You should expect better service,” Tillman said. “We have a double drive-thru here. We can serve two cars at the same time and take orders at the same time.
It will be faster when you come inside with the new digital menu boards which will make reading faster,” he added. “Outside we have more visible menu boards. So everything is geared to be better than we were before.”
The outside changes to McDonald’s are clear to see. Gone is the traditional building structure that became well-known in the 1980s.
The red and yellow colors have disappeared for a gold and silver trim on a square brick building.
One of the first town’s in the Memphis area to get a new-looking McDonald’s was Arlington. And Munford’s location just recently underwent a renovation.
Now Millington has the new exterior. And for those worried about the traffic of Highway 51 and the ins and outs of parking, Tillman said just use the intersection of Highway 51 and Navy Road/Martha Street.
“There is an entrance on the back,” he concluded. “Once the locals learn that I think we’ll get a lot of traffic here. It’s kind of hard to see. But I think the building itself will be the sign everybody will see.”

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  • Carol Sue Toye Oros

    What is going to be opening up at the OLD McDonald’s location at 4735 Navy Road?

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