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LUCY GOLD: Flea Market brings thrills and finds to town

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By Thomas Sellers Jr.

From salt and pepper shakers to Salt-N-Pepa vinyl albums, a trip to the Lucy Road Flea Market and Antiques could net a customer any kind of hidden treasure.
Lucy Flea Market owners Winford and Barbara Davis know the thrills of jumping into their car and heading out to yard sales and flea markets. After years of treasure hunting across the United States, the Lucy residents wanted to bring that excitement and bargain adventures to North Shelby County.
“We love flea markets so we decided to open one,” Winford said. “We bought and bought and bought. We have a big barn at home and garage. We decided to open the flea market and have a good time for awhile.”
Just off Highway 51, two and half miles north of Fite Road, Davis opened Lucy Flea Market at 3037 Lucy Road on April 1, 2012.
“The past year has been good,” Davis said. “We’ve met a lot of great people and the business has prospered. I bought the building and the land. So (a customer) can expect something new everyday.”
The 10,000 square-foot building is home to thousands of items from kitchen appliances to blu-ray DVDs. From a 1946 record player to a portable DVD player, Lucy Flea Market has finds for all ages.
“Their shopping experience typically is that they’re happy something like this has come to the area,” Winford noted. “I realized when I bought the building I was off the highway. So I purchased the highway land so you can see off from here. In the future I will put a bigger sign on the highway. This truck over here, I’m going to park on the highway and put a sign on it.”
Davis said getting recognition for a flea market takes word-of-mouth from customers, vendor support, advertising and making patrons feel at home when they come through the door.
Both Winford and Barbara are on site Wednesdays through Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. chatting with customers and assisting their needs. Throughout the store, about 50 vendors can be found with stations selling purses or tools.
Winford said he knows the thrill of finding a unique item at a flea market. He noted the thrill a person can get when they locate a hard-to-find purchase like at the 650-Mile Yard Sale, also known as The 127 Sale.
This year’s world’s longest yard sale will be held Aug. 1-4. The four-day event takes place from the Lookout Mountain Parkway and the U.S. 127 Corridor in Gadsden, Ala., to Hudson, Mich.
The huge event is annually held the first Thursday of the month of August. The event will take place Thursday to Sunday.
Davis said he hopes local residents and even visitors from further away take advantage of the four days his store is open weekly. He encourages shoppers to come often so they can find the item they want because it could be gone off the shelf in no time.
“That’s the flea market experience for you,” he noted. “If you see it in a flea market or a store of this type, most of the time all we’ll have is just one. It’s not like a Walmart. Most of the stuff here is pre-owned. There is a few new items. It’s almost like a treasure hunt. And the hunt is what makes it so great.
“It’s great to bring that experience here,” Davis continued. “We have vendors here and they bring in something everyday or every few days. These shelves, I guarantee you can’t keep stuff on them. People come in and they birthday shop, gift shop or anniversary shop. They gift shop for their friends or for themselves.”
So if you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or a new video game for your system, Lucy Flea Market should be on a Millington/South Tipton’s shopping list. You could find that classic Elvis album or an autographed Lorenzen Wright basketball.
But Winford said it’s the little things that will make you come to the Lucy Flea Market and return for another visit.
“No. 1, it’s hot and it’s cool inside this building,” he said jokingly. “In the winter time, it’s cold and we’ll have the heat on. On Saturdays we’ll have free popcorn. And it’s an experience.
“Everybody needs something,” Davis concluded. “I don’t like when people use the terminology, ‘I don’t need nothing.’ In life we all need something. Everybody has to have something else, whatever it may be.”
For more information, call 353-2222.

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