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Millington resident and Wrestler Promoter Maclin dies in Car Wreck

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Corey Maclin

Corey Maclin

Millington resident, former Memphis Wrestling host and sportscaster Corey Maclin, 43, died in a car crash late Tuesday night. According to early reports, Maclin was involved in a one-car wreck when his vehicle rolled over around 10:30 p.m. on south I-55 near Sardis, Miss. Maclin was best known as a wrestling promoter and commentator for Memphis Wrestling working along side Jerry “The King” Lawler, Bill “Super Star” Dundee and Dave Brown. Later Maclin got involved in politics running for Shelby County Clerk in 2010. Maclin is survived by his wife and six children. Maclin, a life-long democrat and resident of Shelby County is the son of Jerry and Everlena Maclin, the fifth of six siblings. Maclin has been married to Carmela Sykes- Maclin for twenty years and they now reside in Lakeland, Tennessee where they are raising their six children. Maclin began his civic involvement in the community at 14. Being a graduate of Millington Central High School it was here that his public speaking, announcing skills and community involvement was born and began to take shape. While attending high school he was first employed with the U.S. postal service part time; this position would serve as the catalyst to help hone Maclin’s work ethic and out of this his integrity, honesty and love for his fellow man would be shaped. Shortly after, at 16 Maclin became employed by the Memphis park commission being the youngest director at the time to occupy at this level, this position ushered in a standard of leadership for Maclin that would prove itself in time to be priceless.  EA Harold Park would serve as the launching pad for Maclin to learn in- kind how to serve others with humility and mankind. As his creativity and community involvement grew he became the youngest on air personality to work in radio being hired by KFTH 107.1 fm as a part time DJ.  While continuing to still learn, develop and grow Maclin later moved to full time radio announcing six nights a week while still attending high school. Later on this work experience would allow Maclin at the tender age of 18 to be named the youngest program / news director in the Memphis market hired at WLOK radio. This position would give him the firm footing that he needed to structure a sure foundation in promotions and advertising. While working in tandem in radio Maclin would soon be hired to Co- host a weekly television show so termed:” Memphis Wrestling” with Dave Brown at WMC- TV 5 for 13years. Later Maclin became employed with Silver Star news as the advertising director where he sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. A Personality being replete with efficiency, professionalism and the know how to delineate share market value he would become the president and CEO of his own advertising firm entitled Corey Maclin and Associates in the Spring of 1997.  This full service agency currently operates locally in Memphis, Tennessee with over two hundred clients to its credit Handling revenue in excess of $10 million. Clients range geographically from the United States, Canada, Europe and the Bahamas. Under the umbrella of Corey Maclin and Associates several businesses have been acquired. Today, with Maclin at the helm, overseeing the direction and future of the company; Corey Maclin and Associates are poised to posture itself throughout the 21st century overseeing exclusively media planning and implementation, talent acquisition, marketing, budget analysis and branding to name a few.

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