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Five Arrested for Burglaries in Tipton County

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The Tipton County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division recently made five arrests in a rash of burglaries reported over the recent months. 

Detectives have arrested Erik John Thompson, 34 of 110 Gary Cove in Drummonds, Aaron Matthew Gereau, 19 of 362 Brown Road in Drummonds, Jason Victor Gereau, 18 of 119 Sunflower Road in Atoka and two juveniles (16 and 17 years of age also from Drummonds).

Detectives developed suspects in the burglaries after recovering a stole utility trailer. Detectives have charged the suspects in burglaries and thefts reported from the 2600 block of Glen Springs Road, 100 block of Tate Road, 200 block of Tate Road, 3000 block of Campground, 100 block of Gary Cove and 1400 block of Quite-Drummonds Road.  The recovered property includes four wheelers, utility trailers, lawnmowers, antique furniture, household items and a boat.

Thompson has been charged with Burglary, Driving on Suspended/Revoked Drivers License and five counts of Theft of Property (from $500 to $50,000). Aaron Gereau, Jason Gereau and the two juveniles have been charged with Theft of Property more than $1,000.  Thompson remains in jail on a $21,000 bond.  Aaron and Jason Gereau are free on a $5,000 bond. Thompson and the Gereau brothers will appear in Tipton County General Sessions Court Aug. 13. The juveniles were released to their parents and will appear in Tipton County Juvenile Court later this month.

I commend the hard work of the Criminal Investigations Division in solving these thefts and burglaries.  These suspects would target items such as trailers, lawn mowers, weedeaters that were left unsecured on the victim’s property. In other cases the suspects would enter homes to locate household items and antique furniture to steal. Detectives have recovered thousands of dollars in stolen property and continue to locate items sold by the thieves.”

If anyone has information in these cases, please call the Criminal Investigations Division at 475-3300, Central Dispatch after hours at 475-4300, phone in tips at 475-3307, e-mail tips to or Facebook Sheriff J.T. Pancho Chumley.”


One Response to “Five Arrested for Burglaries in Tipton County”

  1. Karma says:

    You do the crime you do the time. There is no amount of sorrow or sympathy for those who steal from others. People work hard to earn a living, not only to provide a means for their family but for a future as well. How dare these kids, and a grown man feel that they are so empowered to take what others have worked for. Every single one of these young men are guilty, not one of them are innocent! A few years in prison for all of them might make people feel a little safer. How could you embarass your families on TV like that? One thing for sure everyone has seen the faces of all these young men and the community will now be on the watch out. You won’t steal from this community again.


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