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The Great Amazing Race coming to Millington Sept. 22

Star Staff ReportGreat Race to Millington 8-29

One thing kept Kathy going as she sped from station to station was her teammate for the day, 10-year-old daughter,  Samantha. The two were in the thick of the Great Amazing Race, a mile long course filled with zany obstacles and challenges.
“Mom, this is the most fun I’ve ever had with you! This is the best time.” Samantha hollered at her mother Kathy and jumped from her  back in the Buffalo, N.Y., race. And she stands by that assertion. Saying her favorite part of the race was “having fun with her mom.”
The GREAT AMAZING RACE adventure run & family fun activity — named  after the TV series “The Amazing Race” — returns to the Memphis area  on Sunday, Sept. 22 at Aycock Park in Millington with some new  and exciting team challenges. The challenges are designed to promote  cooperation and teamwork amongst the participants.
“We have a good blend of elementary, middle, high school and adults  pairing up with friends and family,” said race organizer Greg  Benton. “For many, this is their first time ever doing a race. Doing  it as a family event makes it a lot more fun.”
The race which makes pit stops in NFL, NBA and MLB cities and  supports the 30 Minutes-a-Day Family Initiative, encouraging families  to read, eat and exercise together, 30 minutes a day – 5 times a week.
In one event in Alabama, 40 contestants, from three generations of  the same family, competed against one another. In another in
Georgia, a son raced with his mother after his father was deployed to Afghanistan. The father had planned to run the race before learning  of his new assignment. The mother-son duo went on to win the race.

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