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We Understood One ‘Nuther

By Otis GriffinOtis Griffin pose

I reckon the famous true Southern saying will always be with us.  ‘Time Flies’.  Remember as a young stump jumper we couldn’t wait to hit our teens.  Us is sumpin’.  Finally sixteen, a license for legal conveyance.  Eventually get a prison release diploma.  Twenty one meant we could go anywhere and buy anything no longer ducking and hiding.  Thinking back over the many years little did we realize we had unconsciously created our own brilliant vernacular?
Friends, do you realize about the only time you spend with some of your old schoolmates and growing up friends is possibly attending a class reunion or funeral where only a handful show up.  Most ’cause they don’t feel up to snuff.  Sad but true.
When we fire up many decade old conversations the youngsters just look at us like we hit them in face with a wet mop.  Let me see if I can jog your memory?  “Don Jr., crank the coffee bean grinder on the wall so Nora Jean can perk some coffee.”  Lynn’s Momma said, “Hang up the phone and close the transom.”  Thurman recalls, “open the gap so the cows can be hand milked in the stall.”  Drop ’em window shades and go draw some water.  Fill up the drinking bucket on the back porch and cover the bucket with a dish rag to keep bugs out of the water.  Hang the dipper on the sixteen penny nail and wash up ’fore you eat.
Lux and Rinso boxes had free (hand) towels and glasses crammed down in the granular.  Momma saved green stamps books (licked) that were redeemed at a big store in Millington.  Did you try a couple slices of rag and one sharp cheese with a handful of saltines on wax paper?  Top off a moon pie and R. C. snatched out of the red coke ice box with the water dripping.  Bud, a veteran knew how to throw back the lid and grab the bottle and grip real tight, so the dripping water splattered back in the box and not on the floor making a mess.
Do you think any grand kids or kids have ever twirled the handle on the side of reg’lar or high test gas tanks before cramming the huge handle in the funnel hole?  Remember when Arvis lowered his fifty Ford back end so close to the blacktop he had to creep over the train tracks?  Jimmie Gene remembered a deep gutted muffler and a mellow Hollywood tru-tone?  Must have curb feelers and fender skirts if you wanted to be uptown.
Neighbor, Big Paul had a knob on his truck steering wheel so he could quickly turn in a circle and on a dime while doling back nine cents change.  Did they know the foot feed was accompanied by the dimmer and starter on the floorboard?  Better time it just right so when you hit the clutch not to grind the gears on your straight shift.
When Bubba Mills rode the running board he got a death grip on the side mirror and little glass vent support.
If you fell and bounced, you had better protect your tight rolls knotted up in your left shirt sleeve with the penny diamond box matches encompassed in your right rolled up shirt sleeve.  Rednecks have these items down to a science.
Going back in time as it is flying; many of these phrases that have long disappeared will return as our wonderful South will rise again.  That is what is so great about Southern memories only, yesss suhh only if you have lived them!  Can you relive them….Glory!  Visit me on my new web page—(

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