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By Teresa D’AmoreTeresa D'More pic

One of the greatest house-warming gifts we can give our proud new homeowners is maintenance advice.  Whether your home is new or gently worn, we hope that you find these tips and tricks helpful.

Made for Each Other:  Did you know; if your home has two air conditioning units they must be in operation at the same time?  Not operating both units is actually costing you money and is harmful to your units? Not only does leaving one unit off not save energy, it causes stress to the unit that is operating.  The heat that enters the home cannot be removed by a single system when the systems are designed for your particular space to run in a combined capacity. Running one system also causes a humidity build-up in the unconditioned area that will deteriorate the structure of the home over time.

Oil vs. Silicone:  The days of my father walking around the house daring a hinge to squeak lest he zap it with a good dose of oily magic are gone.  Today’s squeaks and creeks in hinges and drawer glides should be quieted with a silicone lubricant.  Silicone lubricants are less messy and they stay where you put them. Oil based lubricants run and spatter to walls and door frames where oil was not intended. You can find silicone lubricants at most home improvement stores.

No “Damaged” Shoes Allowed: If you’re a fan as am I of high heels, here’s a bit of interesting data and dare I say; great advice for women with wood floors. Did you know that heels that have lost their protective cap, thus exposing the fastening nail, will exert over 8,000 pounds of pressure per square inch onto the floor?  This is enough to damage hardened concrete; imagine what it can do to your wood floor.  A small investment to your shoe cobbler will help protect your big investment.

Sleeping Giants: As the beauty of fall rushes in we have a sense of relief that grass cutting season has finally ended.  Although your grass may seem to be resting comfortably; the roots are actually growing deeper to prepare for winter. This is the time to feed your lawn; so fertilize and reseed for a healthy start come spring. Rake and bag fallen leaves to allow needed oxygen to reach your lawn.  Prune back any trees and shrubs once the leaves have turned to promote healthy new growth.
I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these maintenance tips and will find them useful in your home.
Teresa D’Amore, General Manager – America’s Home Place, Inc.

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