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Kiwanis and community build new permanent concession stand for MCHS Band

By Thomas Sellers Jr.Band Concession 2

Members of the Millington Band Booster worked in the new concession stand Aug. 23 before it was complete.

Members of the Millington Band Booster worked in the new concession stand Aug. 23 before it was complete.

A year ago Millington Central High School and the Millington Band got the news there trailer/concession stand on the visitor’s side of the Millington Football Stadium had to come down at season’s end.
Once the 2012 season came to conclusion, the old temporary structure with no running water or restroom came down. A  petition by a Millington resident living near the Millington Football Stadium was the reason the trailer was taken down. Members of the Millington Band Booster admitted the trailer wasn’t the best looking thing in the world but it served it’s purpose of helping raise money for the Millington Band.
In need of the concession’s revenue, the Booster Club reached out to the community. And the cry was heard from the civic organizations in Flag City to band parents at Tipton County schools like Brighton.
Fast forward to this Friday’s M&M Bowl, the new concession stand build by members of the Millington Kiwanis Club is officially ready for business.
“They say it will be ready,” MCHS Assistant Principal Beth Hale said last Friday night. “The windows are going in tomorrow and the plumbers are supposed to be coming the first of next week. The plumbing and all the equipment have been donated. All the electricity has been donated and the lights are on. We’re getting ready to go.”
When the Trojan Football team opened the 2013 season Aug. 23 against the Germantown Red Devils the structure was up but lacking walls, windows and utilities. The Millington Band Boosters worked out of the shell to meet the food needs of football fans that night. The whole time the parents working the concession stand were optimist about the new building’s future.
The new concession stand will have bathrooms, storage area, running water, ability to cook inside and a larger serving area.
“It looks great,” Hale said. “I went inside it today and it looks clean and so neat. It’s (enough) room to move around. They’re going to have room to store things. It’s a nice, well built concession stand.”
Kiwanis members like Bruce Rasmussen started working on building the structure this summer. In August a cement foundation was laid and pipes could be seen sticking up. Just a few days later, the a building could be spotted off West Street.
The Millington Kiwanis Club announced in July it was joining forces with the school and booster club to build a permanent concession stand on the visiting side. To make sure the new facility was equipped with bathrooms, running water and electricity, the Club solicited for donations. Hale said many groups, organizations and individuals stepped up.
“This is a huge thank you just for the upgrade to the stadium for the fans and for the future,” she said “This building is going to be there and established. And it’s going to help promote the Millington Football Field.
“It’s great for the whole school,” Hale concluded. “It’s a gift to the band which is a huge part of the school. For the entire school and community of Millington to come together like they did behind the Kiwanis Club is great. And they still need some help. Anyone who still wants to donate, continue to help, please. They’ve had many donations come in already from great sources.”

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