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Well Just Think a Little and It’ll Come Back to You

By Otis GriffinOtis Griffin pose

Did anyone ever sit down with their predecessors and try to understand just what all was involved when a home place was to be determined?  Youngsters nowadays wouldn’t understand or frankly even care.  Yep, just go buy a place and we’ll be almost ‘pert nigh’ happy.  Take a short foggy trip down memory lane and feel the concentration as to what was needed to raise a family and support yo’ ownselves.
Friends, I’m sure none of this even remotely hits a nerve with the present generation.   All my wonderful country socialables settle back a few minutes, study on the situation and see what envelopes.  Prop up in yo’ favorite easy chair, relax and have a brainstorm.
Drift off into a slight dream and see what comes to mind that was needed years ago, however, not so today.  Further, you don’t have to climb a ladder of importance as the necessities will infiltrate yo’ thinkin’ as you delve from spot to spot.  Just take the easy way out.  What did yo’ parents and yo’ grandparents need and why?
If you think it will help you concentrate a little better, just cut you off a corner ‘chaw’ of Day’s Work or fire up a roll yo’ own Bugler.  Now ’em brain cells will get in Ford-Ferguson road gear.
Neighbor, you are ready for some high powered planning.  Just go ahead and double-clutch ’em brain cells and it’ll come to you.  Got to have a self tended garden for plucking.  Further desired a spot for some deep well water for livestock and  personal use such as drinking, washing dishes, clothes and yo’ feet at least once a week whether needed or not.  Must have a chicken house, hog pen, a mule barn to store hay, corn and protect other animals.
You best not forget the milk cow pasture as Bessie had to graze if you wanted some air-cooled, foam headed sweet, butter and clabber milk.  Possibly a spot for ducks, geese, guineas, dogs and cats as they have got to have a war zoned battle field.  Remember a good international smoke house to hang hams, shoulders, dried field peas and a hotel for growing rats.  Additionally this provided an avenue for burrowing, slithering, garter, black racers and every emporium would be remiss if no chicken snakes to assist the gathering of fresh eggs right out of the matted down hay nests.
Where and how big is the chicken house gonna’ be?  Same for the smokehouse?  Yep, a  shed for  all the tools.  The barn had to be out in the open for access to drive around to load and unload hay, corn and large enough to house the livestock.  Now a lot goes into laying out these plans.  Don’t forget the farrowing houses for the upcoming baby Hampshires, Berkshire or possibly Durocs.
Daddy relocated the well so to be closer to the back door.  The most important person was Momma and rightfully so.  Got to have some water for cooking, washing dishes, clothes, baths and cleaning the house.  See, when Daddy was working at the Navy Base and Momma needed some water she could draw it right out of the ground a few feet from the back door.  You can never have too much of what you actual need.
Takes a Lot of Good Country Southern Studyin’ on It — GLORY!

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