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Board applies for $2,800 TML grant for hazard-free workplace

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The Millington Board of Mayor and Aldermen has unanimously adopted a resolution to apply for a $2,800 safety grant provided by the Tennessee Municipal League.
Board members took the action during their Sept. 3 regular monthly meeting on a motion offered by Alderman Hank Hawkins and seconded by Alderman Mike Caruthers.
The resolution authorizes the city to participate in the TML Risk Management Pool Safety Partners Loss Control Matching Grant Program. It states that “all efforts” will be made to provide a “safe and hazard-free” workplace for the city’s employees.
Millington Fire Chief Gary Graves recalled that the board has applied for the 50-50 matching grant in the past through TML.
“Right now, I’ve got the grant calculated at about $2,800 in round numbers,” he said. “So, if we’re awarded, it’ll be about $1,400 on the city’s part. Those funds would come through regular operating expenditures.”
With the grant money, Graves said, the city would purchase traffic cones and other items that the Public Works department can use, as well as the police department in its Drivers Training Program.
The fire chief noted that the grant “kind of piggybacks” on what Interim City Manager Mike Chesney mentioned in his first monthly report to the board regarding “some safety items.”
In his report, Chesney said the Tennessee Safety Codes inspections of municipalities have become more frequent, and the cities are expected to “do better.”
“They’re looking at all the municipalities,” he noted. “How we handle ourselves in these inspections is very critical.”
Chesney said Graves will be Millington’s chief safety inspector, and Human Resources Director Sam Underwood will be the assistant inspector.
Because the directors of the city’s departments will now also serve as their own inspectors, Chesney said they will examine everything from using safety cones behind vehicles 24/7 to cleaning up the closets and throwing out trash. They will also check how they handle hazardous waste and clean up their buildings.
“Everything needs to be step-right-step,” he noted. “That’s a military term, where I expect it to look military-foot-locker clean.”
Acknowledging that the state safety inspector for Millington came by during the previous week, Chesney said he gave the city “a list of things to work on” and then telephoned on Sept. 3.
Noting that the inspector was “impressed” with what Millington was already doing, Chesney said his “formal report” is expected to be submitted to the city by this week. To ensure that it gets addressed, the report will be divided among the city’s departments and given to Graves to “put into the book.”
“And when he comes,” Chesney concluded, “he can bless that we’re doing a good job.”

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