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Getting things on course

By Thomas Sellers Jr.Cross Country 4Cross County 1Cross County 2Cross County 3

Munford Head Cross Country Coach Thomas Walters put in several miles last Thursday in Atoka.
Walters could be spotted at the starting line of the Nancy Lane Memorial Park course then in mire minutes, the sweaty gray shirt of Walters could be seen near the finish line.
Walters and the Munford Cougar coaching staff help organized the Third Annual Cougar Classic Meet inviting several area teams from the middle and high school levels.
“It’s all about the kids,” Walters said. “It’s about bringing them awareness and recognition. I wanted to give them a chance to run in front of friends and family. It would be hard for them to come out and see them run at a Shelby Farms or somewhere in West Tennessee.
“This is their home course,” he added. “And I’m so grateful to mayor, members of the board of alderman and the town of Atoka for making this possible. We can’t thank them enough for allowing us to use Nancy Lane Park.”
Teams from Millington, Brighton, MBA, Covington and more arrived to the freshly cut course in South Tipton County. Spectators rooted on runners along the red flag trial.
Walters and staff were moving just as much as the runners making sure they were safe, recording times and cheering them on.
In charge of the cross country program the past couple of years, Walter’s Munford Middle team is the only one in the county. His goal is to build the sport in the area and make the Cougar Classic an annual showcase in the Mid-South.

Middle School Winners
Emma Halton – Schilling Farms – 13:33.37
Brandon Burtt – Schilling Farms – 11:51.71
Top Munford Finishers
Josie Woods – 15
Riley Hull – 11
High School Top Ten
Boys –
1. Kobey Hill – Memphis Business Academy – 18:59.85
2. Jhon-west Walker – Covington
3. Donny Buford – MBA
4. Ethan Faulkner – Munford
5. Chris Coley – Munford
6. Tyler Futrell – Munford
7. Cullen Scharwz – Brighton
8. Hunter Burris – Macon Road Baptist School
9. Carter Morris – MRBS
10. Dale Crocker – Munford

1. Emily Thorell – MRBS – 24:39.52
2. Alexis Johnson – Covington
3. Katie Tolbert – Munford
4. Ciarra Robinson – Millington
5. Amanda McDowell – Munford
6. Alexis Brigham – MRBS
7. LeighAnne Blackburn – Munford
8. Lindsey Morrissett – Brighton
9. Maegen Jiminez – Munford
10. Holly Weatherford – Munford

Team Results
1st – Munford 19
2nd – Millington 45
3rd – Memphis Business Academy 72

1st – Munford 37
2nd – Memphis Business Academy 65
3rd –  Macon Road Baptist School 72

Middle School
1st – Schilling Farms 26
2nd – Arlington 29
3rd – Memphis Business Academy 87

1st – Schilling Farms 21
2nd – Arlington 49
3rd – Memphis Business Academy

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