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Confused with the New

By Otis GriffinOtis Griffin pose

Ever so often I’ll rummage through some old papers, books and gaze back in time just how much things have changed.  Some of these moralistic high brows educated above their own capacity will tell you, “It is for the better”.  Occasionally I don’t agree.
Yesss suhhh, we got us some new paved roads that are better the old dirt and mixed with gravel travel ways.
I kind of like the air conditioning in the vehicles and houses since all we had was a window fan only to be used at night.  Even Deere tractor cabs have some cooling.  There are several cotton sacks full of nice buildings to shop, buy groceries, clothes, new doctor’s offices and up scaled hospitals.
The United States of our America has done sent planes and space ships several times to visit the moon and see what is going on while wasting all that money.  This is while my dear senior citizens are doing without any health care benefits?  Does anyone actually know what any of those pilots found up there?  I don’t.  Besides ’em folks must not be too friendly ’cause they ain’t come down to return the visits with us.  Snooty!
Neighbor, who could ever forget the old telephones on the wall that you had to twirl the handle to get ‘Miss’ Bonnie in downtown Rosemark.  Stick that ugly black ear piece about as big as a Nehi grape bottle to your ear.  Then she could plug in a big fishing line to a big board with a bunch of holes in it.  All the while you tried to balance while standing on a slop bucket to reach the black mouth piece you talked in if you wanted to converse with somebody.
Lawdy Miss Clawdy, guess what?  Now we done got us some cell phones invented where you can walk around and punch on them things while talking to anybody at anytime day or night?
Did you ever notice when folks come out of a store, a chicken house or a hay loft, the first thing they do is snatch that phone out of a secret compartment and gaze at it like they gonna’ kiss it?  Then read sumpin’ or ’nuther.  While holding that little jewel fiercely with one hand like grabbing a chicken neck they go to finger punching like they trying kill ants and ’tater bugs on the kitchen counter and the window sill.
Friends, I know I’m behind time but I wish someone would sell all these cell phones overseas to all those folks fighting one another.  At least their fingers would be on cell phones instead of triggers hurting one ’nuther.   Since folks are enamored with these cell phones they run over you in stores, on sidewalks and the bad part is dodging them on the road ways.
Have you seen those folks stopped in the middle of road just sitting there laughing, giggling, slapping the steering wheel and talking to themselves?  I have.  I thought, “well she’s done lost it”.  This is it.  Send her away to the padded walls.  Nope I found out.  She has a Vienna sausage can stuck in her ear and all the while is yakking to somebody.  Of course she ain’t paying attention to the tail gating traffic but she is communicating and having herself a large time.
Some of this modern stuff is too much for a country redneck to grasp.  I reckon I feel like a certified bootlegger at a Sunday afternoon Baptist pond water baptizing.  But ole Hank let us know, “we ain’t gonna’ get out of this world alive”….Glory!
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