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Dogs displaced after tragedy

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Due to the tragic deaths of Amy Lange and Mark Perry yesterday MASH (Millington Animal Safe Haven) needs your help to find two dogs a forever home.

The family who suffered a tragedy yesterday in Millington has two dogs that are left behind. Stormy is a cattle dog and she’s good with kids. Sammy is a Boxer Shepherd mix, and he is also good with kids. They’re both indoor outdoor dogs. All of the local kennels are full for the holidays.They can go into kennel next week but we need someone to foster one or both until then.

Please contact Millington Animal Safe Haven on email at if you can help. This is really important please share. All our foster homes are full past the rim of the cup. These dogs have been displaced but sound like they are handling it pretty well. They are very friendly and love to play ball.

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  1. winston01 says:

    This is so sad, I am so sorry for the family. I wish I could take the dogs but I have 3 already, I would still take them but I am afraid they might not get along, I am layed off now and I would not have the money if God forbid they got in a fight. I have wennie dogs so they could get hurt bad. I hope someone steps up and helps these pour dogs. Some people dont think dogs care where they live but I know different. I hope whoever steps up will be very gentle with them for they will grieve for there family please help them ajust to being in a different place and not having there family anymore. When my husband passed away one of mine oscar just ate all the time he gained about 15 lbs. but that is how he dealt with it, so please someone step up and help these pour babies. please let us the readers know what happens with them. and again I am so sorry for the family you will be in my prayers. God bless!!!!!!!


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