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By Thomas Sellers Jr.Kappa Sigma 1 Kappa Sigma 2 Kappa Sigma 3 Kappa Sigma 4

Despite freezing temperatures and icy branches on The University of Memphis campus, dozens of fraternity brothers of Kappa Sigma made their way to the Fogleman Executive Center Saturday for the annual West Tennessee Alumni Chapter Founder’s Day Brunch.
After a brunch, the members of Kappa Sigma discussed the past, present and future of keeping the fraternity strong and contributing to overall society. Chapters from schools like Bethel, Christian Brothers University and Lambuth (now University of Memphis) were in attendance.
The modern day Kappa Sigma was founded in the fall of 1869, as five students attending the University of Virginia in Charlottesville gathered in the room of William Grigsby McCormick, at 46 East Lawn, and planted the seed of Brotherhood. For many weeks the bonds of friendship had drawn these five together; now the need became clear for a formal structure to contain their feelings. Thus, not only did the Founders formalize their friendship, but they also created a fraternity steeped in the traditions of the past and dedicated to the Pursuit of Learning. The new brothers recorded their bond in a Constitution and in an Oath that set forth the ideals and principles to all Kappa Sigmas today.
The official day of Kappa Sigma’s founding is known as Dec. 10, 1869. Usually this date brings a packed house. Cliff Hughes welcomed a smaller gathering than usual because the icy weather across the region kept many away.
Despite the forecast, many generations of Kappa Sigma were on hand to hear speeches from brothers Toby H. Taylor and Bill Betz.
The gathering gave the brothers a chance to hear chapter updates, hand out the SLA Awards and recognized the Kappa Sigmas who passed in the recent year. Elections were held for officers for the next year and Vaughn closed out the brunch with a toast.

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